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How to Get Rid of Water in Your VW’s Transmission System in Louisville

Posted on February 11, 2022 by smikyautomowp

Finding water in your vehicle’s transmission system is a bad omen. Most of the time, when water gets into your Volkswagen’s transmission system, it implies that some parts of the design, like the friction plates, are at risk of damage and cause the transmission to get stuck in a particular gear.

Getting rid of accumulated water in your transmission system may be difficult, thanks to the complexity of the engine start system. This complexity arises because turning on the engines might create more water suction in the transmission system, posing more threat to the car’s engine system. However, it shouldn’t be so difficult to do on a basic level. It shouldn’t be rocket science, so here are some easy DIY ways to get rid of water that unfortunately found its way into your Volkswagen’s transmission system.

How to get rid of water in your Volkswagen’s transmission system

Here are some tips you can use to get rid of water in your Volkswagen’s transmission system:

  • Don’t start up the car’s engine, as starting the car may only force more water into the engine, further complicating the problem for you.
  • Elevate the car using a jack. While the vehicle is elevated, reach for the transmission service pan and try to drain the mucky, muddled-up liquid content.
  • Sanitize the filter with an aerosol brake cleaner.
  • After properly draining the unwanted material, try starting up the car’s engine to see how long it can run.

Is it risky to drive your Volkswagen with water in its transmission system?

Driving your Volkswagen while there is water in its transmission system can be risky. Some of the effects of moisture on the transmission system, like a collation of rust, toxic vapors, and unwanted expansion of some parts, can potentially be dangerous and cause harm to the occupants of the vehicle while in use.

You don’t want to get into a messy situation, or worst-case scenario, damage your car-all because you did not act fast when you should have.

How does water find its way into your Volkswagen’s transmission system?

Water can get into your car’s transmission system in several ways. For instance, a car that just got out of a deep water situation like a flood or deep puddles of water tends to have water in its transmission system.

Another way that water gets into your Volkswagen’s transmission system is through the dipstick. Sometimes, after a rainy day or an intense car wash treatment, your car’s dipstick can retain moisture, which unfortunately can drain into the transmission system.

One more method through which moisture can get into your Volkswagen’s transmission system is through the engine radiator. Usually, the engine coolant is contained in a separate tank from the one that houses the transmission fluid. However, water can get into the transmission system through the engine radiator if there is a leakage somewhere.

The Smart Choice is Professional Assistance for your VW

If you properly check your car and find that its transmission system has water in it, the best step to take next would be to go in the direction of a professional automotive repair shop. European model cars like Volkswagen require extra care and attention for repairs, so you should probably lookout for an automotive repair shop with skilled, trained technicians that specialize in fixing Volkswagen cars mainly.

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Volkswagen Transmission Repair

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* Volkswagen Golf Car image credit goes to: alkimsarac.

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