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How to Best Deal with Electronic Issues in a BMW

Posted on November 18, 2021 by smikyautomowp

Modern vehicles run off electric components that are so complex that the average vehicle owner can’t work on their own car anymore. Such is the case with BMW models, and when electronic issues occur, it is best to leave their resolution to trained professionals with modern tools.

Electronic issues in your BMW can affect engine performance issues, cabin comfort problems, and safety systems in your brakes, for example. Many of these electronic systems are intertwined, so issues with one area can lead to problems in another. Quite frequently, BMW owners will experience electronic issues that require a professional level of care. St. Matthews Imports is here to help when problems arise.

Common BMW Electronic Issues

When you become the owner of a BMW, you’ll need to know about the common problems that arise in this vehicle brand. While some electronic concerns are present across all vehicle models, others are specific to the BMW family of vehicles. Here are a few electronic issues you should be on the lookout for in your BMW:

  • Component Problems: A dead battery, faulty alternator, and ignition issues are common in BMW models. This can lead to a plethora of problems with starting your vehicle, controlling your dashboard and interactive screens, and seeing at night with your headlights.
  • Accessory Issues: Failing fuses, damaged cables, and damaged alternator belts can lead to more serious mechanical issues when the source is not immediately repaired.
  • Systems Concerns: There are many electrical systems in BMW models such as the ignition system, door locking system, and powertrain system, that could be affected by electronic-based issues. You cannot drive safely or even at all when these systems do not function as designed.

Detecting Electronic Issues in BMW Models

Oftentimes, it isn’t hard to identify an electronic issue with your BMW, as you’ll notice these right away:

  • Performance-Based Issues: A check engine light is a direct indication that something is malfunctioning in your BMW. Many powertrain components are now electronic-based, so even low tires or loose battery cables can lead to major electrical issues in your BMW. Of course, when your vehicle simply won’t start, that is also a direct indication of an electrical issue in your BMW.
  • Security Concerns: From your BMW’s locking mechanism to its anti-theft system, security systems are some of the most susceptible to electronic malfunction in BMW models. These systems work together to create a secure environment within your BMW, so when one fails it tends to cause problems with other features.
  • Comfort Problems: You might not think being unable to adjust your seat or the air conditioning system within your BMW would be a huge concern, but it can be inconvenient for those who rely on these luxuries in their modern BMW model. Heated and ventilated seats, audio controls, and infotainment feature settings also fall into this category.

Seek Help for Your BMW’s Electronic Issues at St. Matthews Imports

When your BMW’s dash lights suddenly start flashing or your car simply won’t start, it’s time to call upon the professionals at St. Matthews Imports. Electronic issues are rarely able to be fixed by vehicle owners, as they require advanced diagnostics and modern technology to resolve.

BMW Fuse Check

Serving multiple locations in the Louisville, KY area, our Hubbards Lane location is a popular one for automotive service and repair. However, we can address all of your BMW’s electronic concerns at any of our St. Matthews Imports locations.

As an auto repair shop that specializes in imports, especially BMW models, we have extensive knowledge in your specific brand of vehicles. We are Louisville’s top German auto repair shop and we only use OEM parts, so you can rest assured you have quality electronic components as replacement parts in your BMW.

At St. Matthews Imports, we are so confident in the skills and abilities of our technicians that we offer a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on all of our repairs. Standing behind our work is important to show our workmanship. This warranty also gives clients peace of mind in our expert repair services at St. Matthews Imports. If you need quality repairs for your BMW’s electronic issues, give us a call today at (502) 896-0305.

* BMW M6 image credit goes to: bizoo_n.

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