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BMW Heater Core

What Leads to Problem With BMW Heater Cores?

Posted on September 29, 2019 by smikyautomowp

BMW encompasses decades of experience and engineering that is truly unsurpassed in the automotive industry. These automobiles are known for their superior performance, sleek design, and luxurious comfort. However, they are not immune from various mechanical issues or malfunctions that may affect the overall driving experience. One such issue can be a potential problem with the heater core in your BMW.

What is the heater core?

The heater core is a device similar to a radiator that controls the warmth inside the cabin of the vehicle. It does so using hot coolant from the engine. Hoses circulate liquid coolant through the core. The core acts as a heat exchanger between the cabin air and the coolant. It also allows your defroster to function properly. This component is usually found behind your dashboard, normally under center on the passenger side. It is inside a casing and far behind all the other components of your dash. When the heater core goes bad, you can experience one symptom or a combination of symptoms all at once.

Signs That Your BMW Heater Core Is Malfunctioning

Coolant leaks

There are two distinctive signs that you may have a leaking core in your car. First, antifreeze may leak onto the passenger side floorboard. You can verify that the leak is indeed coolant by the color and oily consistency. The second sign is an oily mist on the windshield. This is from a leak in the core, causing the coolant to blow up on the windshield when using the defroster.

Odd Smell in and around your car

An unmistakable sign of a leaky core is a sweet, fruity smell inside the car. This is the smell of the leaking radiator fluid. You may also smell this outside of your car, which could mean that coolant has leaked out onto the ground.

Engine is hot but cabin is cold

Sometimes, if your vehicle overheats but inside is still chilly, it can point to an issue with the heater core. It is important to remember that there are other components that could be involved in overheating, so a proper diagnosis is key. This problem is truly serious and can wreak havoc on multiple parts of your BMW. If the temperature gauge goes up, park your car. Driving it will only increase the severity of the problem.

Overall fog in the cabin of your car

Another telling symptom of a faulty heater core is when the inside of your car becomes moist and foggy. This is more severe than just the oily mist on the windshield. Every window may be potentially covered with condensation. Such a situation signals that your heater core blew up while driving. Hot coolant from the warmed up engine leaked into the cabin, thus creating a moist fog.

Address Heater Core Issues with the Experts at St. Matthews Import

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BMW Heater Core Issue Check

SMI has a team of experienced BMW mechanics that have provided the intricate maintenance and repairs for these models for over 50 years. German vehicles often utilize the latest technology and most advanced engineering in their designs. As a BMW owner, you may feel that only a dealership can adequately provide service for such specialized systems. However, these dealerships can have overpriced services, extended wait times, overcrowded service centers, and inexperienced or newly-hired mechanics. Let our expert mechanics prove our worth to you.

St. Matthews Import is also an active member of the Louisville community. Our respect and relationship with you goes beyond our service center doors. We routinely make charitable donations to many organizations in the area as well as participate in local festivals and community events. We want you to get to know us, in and out of the repair shop. This way, you can feel truly confident with your decision to trust SMI with your BMW needs.

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