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Five Ways Alignments in Louisville, KY Save You Money

Posted on December 1, 2015 by Douglas Addington

Traditionally, spending money doesn’t usually equate to saving it. However, making a smart investment right now can absolutely save you money down the road—especially when it comes to vehicles and vehicle maintenance. Most times, putting up money on a repair or investing in a new part can absolutely mitigate the cost of future issues that you’ll have to deal with, instead of just deferring the cost.

Alignments in Louisville, KY are one such smart investment, for a number of reasons. Making sure your vehicle’s alignment is perfect will equate to a number of savings that you might not have ever even thoughts about! Take a look at five ways paying for an alignment up front can save you big bucks over the lifetime of owning your vehicle:

  1. For starters, you’re going to save on fuel costs with a pristine alignment. When you have to crank the wheel in order to stay travelling in a straight line, you’re going to make your vehicle work harder than it needs to, which is going to equate to more fuel used. It might not seem like it’s taking a toll on your fuel, but if you start adding up these costs day after day of driving with poor alignment, pretty soon the cost of gallons wasted will become noticeable!
  2. With proper alignment, your tires aren’t going to see as much wear and tear as well, meaning you’ll be able to get more use out of them before it’s time to throw new treads on. Combine proper tire care with an alignment every so often and you’ve got a recipe for getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to tires!
  3. When there’s a problem with your suspension, it’s not too long before that isolated problem begins to affect your entire suspension system—that’s just the way vehicles are! Whether it’s stress and strain from misalignment that’s placed on other components or it’s a component that’s being damaged as the direct result of your driving with poor alignment, sooner or later you’re going to by paying for more than just a realignment service! Approaching this issue proactively means eliminating repair costs altogether.
  4. Good alignment means good traction between your tires and the road. Conversely, poor alignment means poor traction. If you’re following the math on this one, that means you’ve already figured out that poor traction means a higher chance of incidents on the road, which could leave you looking at an accident or worse—especially when weather conditions are poor. An alignment to set things right could absolutely save you on collision repair costs by helping you avoid an accident altogether.
  5. Finally, alignments in Louisville, KY keep your driving experience smooth and comfortable, meaning less rattling, shaking or shimmying that might directly relate to vibration woes in your vehicle. Vibration could do everything from loosen screws to causing stress fractures, all of which are going to lead to the repair shop at some point in time.

Who would’ve thought that a simple alignment could save you so much money? If you notice your vehicle pulling or can’t remember the last time you were in for an alignment in Louisville, KY, stop by St. Matthews Imports today!

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