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Maintenance and Collision Repair

Routine Maintenance and Collision Repair in Louisville, KY: the Importance of Staying on top of Both

Posted on April 15, 2015 by Douglas Addington

What’s more damaging to your vehicle: a collision that leaves it sitting in an auto body shop before it can be driven again or months of missed oil changes and fluid flushes? The answer is that they’re both equally as devastating in their own way. Routine maintenance and collision repair in Louisville, KY need to be seriously taken in to account and acted on because if a motorist chooses to gloss over them or continue driving along without addressing them, the results are going to be disastrous.

Collision repair

Collision repair may sound like a no-brainer to take care of—especially if your vehicle is hauled away by a tow truck and un-drivable until major repairs are made. In many collision situations, the choice is made for drivers when it comes to repairs and these damages are quickly resolved by a professional. However, that being said, sometimes automotive damages aren’t totally debilitating and too many drivers simply let them fester because they can still drive.

What many people don’t realize, however, is that ignorance of collision repairs can lead to all sorts of bigger issues that are going to cost more and leave you majorly in need of service. Some common concerns are façade damage that can invite in rust or compromised components that can strain other parts of your vehicle to a tremendous degree, leading to breakdowns or much shorter vehicle lifespans.

The simplest thing to remember is that if your car has sustained damage, collision repair in Louisville, KY is a necessity—no matter how insignificant or minor that damage may seem to you.

Routine maintenance

While an accident might leave you looking at visible damage to your automobile, skimping on routine maintenance will absolutely leave you with unseen and highly damaging issues. From friction in your engine caused by missed oil changes, to debris buildups and malfunctions with filters, missing out on routine maintenance is hands down the most damaging thing you can do to your vehicle, both in the immediate and in terms of longevity.

It’s easy for people to skip routine maintenance because they can’t directly see the issues that come with skipping it… until it’s too late. In that sense, it’s the duty of any good motorist to stay ahead of the damage trend and keep unseen issues and benefits in check by doing your due diligence through routine maintenance.

Again, the simplest thing by far to do is to just take your vehicle in for its various service items—from flushes to washes, oil changes to filter replacements and everything in between.

St. Matthews Imports is here to see that your vehicle is in good hands no matter if it needs collision repair in Louisville, KY or just routine services. We’ll make sure that whether you can see the benefits or not, you’re vehicle is getting them and is staying in top quality for every mile in front of it.

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