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Proper tire care can prevent dangerous driving conditions such as blowouts, flat tires, or bad traction in inclement weather. Maintaining your tires keeps you and your loved ones safe while driving the highways and backroads of Kentucky. St. Matthew’s Imports are your home-grown tire specialists in Louisville, Kentucky.

How Can I Tell if My Tires Need Service?

Understanding your tires makeup can help you to recognize potential problems before they happen. In addition to keeping your tires inflated to the recommended PSI and regularly rotating them, giving them a quick visual scan once a week is a good practice.

What to look for:

  • Tread is “where the rubber meets the road” and provides traction for all Louisville weather conditions.
    Insert a penny into the grooves of your tire. The penny should not go deeper than Honest Abe’s head. If it does, your tread is no longer optimal.
  • Side Walls are the side of the tire and are supposed to flex with changing air temperatures and pressure which can happen overnight in some places.
    Look for wear and tear on the sides such as cracking or splitting.
  • The Inner Carcass is designed to absorb impacts such as potholes and bumps in the road while keeping the tire from deflating or popping (known as a “blow out”).
    Keep your tires properly inflated to the PSI indicated on the side of the tire.
  • Beads are the part of the tire where the rubber touches the metal of the wheel.
    Look for gaps or signs of wear in this area that could allow air leaks.

Taking Care of Your Tires

  • Avoid driving through construction zones or neighborhoods where houses are having the roof reinstalled. These areas often have sharp debris that falls into roadways and can puncture your tires.
  • Avoid “peeling out,” as it can rub the tread on your tires down faster than normal, causing you to replace more frequently. During hot and dry seasons, this is much easier to do at lower speeds.
  • Take turns at lower speeds to put less pressure on the side walls and tread of the tires.
  • Keep tires properly inflated to the recommended PSI found on the side walls of the tire.
  • Rotate your tires regularly.

Frequently Asked Tire Repair Questions

When should I rotate my tires?
Rotating tires allows your tread to wear evenly, which increases the life of the tire. A good rule of thumb is to have your tires rotated every other oil change. Check your owner’s manual or tire warranty for more details on your specific tire.
Why is proper tire inflation important?
Tires that are properly inflated last longer, resist overheating, and provide better gas mileage. Low air pressure in tires increases the chance of flats and blowouts.
Does balancing really make a big difference?
An unbalanced tire can cause uneven wear on the tread of the tire. This can impair gas mileage and overall life of the tire in addition to providing a “whomping” soundtrack to the road noise that grows louder over time.
Do you fix flat tires for free?
We fix minor punctures and remove screws or nails and other minor tire repairs with a patch for $29.95. We will never recommend work that you do not need, but if the tire is dangerous, we will be happy to discuss next steps with you. Drop by to have one of our technicians take a look.

What else can we help you with?



We are happy to help you get your vehicle towed to one of our locations. Outside of business hours, call A&A Towing directly at (502) 551-7651
Car Rental

Car Rental

We use Enterprise for all your rental needs and we will arrange your rental for you once you’re scheduled for your auto repair. Enterprise does not have a representative on site; they will pick you up at our shop. Please plan on this taking about 30 minutes on average to be picked up in your rental car.
Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service

Our service and repair shop offers a shuttle service to help make car repairs easier for you and your family. Ask about this service by calling our North Hubbards location today.


We are here to help alleviate the unexpected cost of car repairs through our financing program, Car Care One. Ask about this service at any of our locations.

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