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By not cutting corners or rushing jobs our mechanics are able to provide your car with thorough services that truly take care of any developing issues.

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Highlands, KY features just about everything you could want to do on a night-to- night basis. Full of movie theaters, nightclubs, diverse shops and a wide assortment of upscale and fast food restaurants, the community has come a long way over the years. For over 50 years the mechanics at SMI Automotive Service have watched the area evolve and grown right alongside with it.

As technology improves and cars become more advanced it’s important that service mechanics improve along with them. Trying to provide the same services for a wide assortment of vehicles will only end up doing more harm than good. For decades our shop’s approach has been to continue learning so that we can provide better services for the drivers throughout the community.

We specialize in the maintenance and repair needs of the most popular European vehicles in the world today such as:


Our shop has numerous certifications and accreditations to further ensure that your car receives quality service the first time such as:

certified certified certified

Just got my car back from rear end being wrecked….SMI did a fantastic job repairing it and not to mention they cleaned the inside and it now looks and smells like a brand new car ! Thank you ! will highly recommend you to everyone!

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Drivers often head to the dealerships because they’re told it’s their best chance for quality service for their vehicle. However for decades SMI Automotive Service has been proving that myth wrong. Our ASE certified mechanics utilize the same factory tools and equipment used at a dealership for all of our services.

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