St. Matthews

With numerous beautiful parks and some of the most popular shopping centers in all of Kentucky, St. Matthews is one of the most popular suburbs outside of the major cities. Spacious homes and long city streets give you plenty of space to test the performance capabilities of your car while also making it easier to find developing issues in your vehicle. Whether it’s an issue with the alignment or an underperforming engine, drivers throughout St. Matthews have chosen the expert mechanics at St. Matthews Imports for decades.
For almost 50 years we have remained family owned and operated, an independent shop that specializes in the service of the most popular European brands including:

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Our expert mechanics have decades of experience working with European vehicles and understand all of the important services:

Our team of ASE certified mechanics use the latest tools and equipment available in order to provide long-term service solutions to your vehicle.

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If your car is experiencing performance issues or you are noticing problems while driving throughout St. Matthews then call and schedule service with one of the expert mechanics at St. Matthews Imports. We make it easier and more affordable to get the service your car needs so you can enjoy your car’s performance the way they were designed to be.