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The engine is to your vehicle what the heart is to your body. Just like a healthy heart can improve the life of a person, a healthy engine improves the life of your vehicle.

Proper engine care will keep your vehicle safe and functional on the roads of Louisville. However, should you need engine repair work, St. Matthews Imports are your engine repair specialists in Louisville, Kentucky!

How Can I Tell if My Engine Needs Service?

Monitoring your engine carefully will extend the life of your vehicle and can make driving the roads of Louisville more enjoyable! Proper care not only involves routine maintenance and care such as using quality gas, regular oil changes, and reasonable driving habits, but also paying attention to the warning signs your vehicle is designed to exhibit when there is a problem.

Signs your vehicle might need service:

  • Warning Lights – Pay attention to the warning lights on your dashboard. The onboard computer is designed to alert you to problems that you cannot see, hear, or smell
  • Stalling – If your vehicle suddenly loses power when accelerating, it’s time to come see us. If you were to stall out in an intersection, it could put you in a dangerous situation.
  • Poor Fuel Mileage – Take note of your average miles per gallon each time you fill up. This good habit will let you know when your engine is not performing at it’s best.
  • Squealing/Screaming Belts – When you accelerate and your car emits a high and loud whine, you probably have a few belts that are slipping and need to be replaced. This can affect fuel economy, so don’t try to “just live with it.”
  • Frequent or Loud Knocking/Pinging/Vibrating – Chances are, your vehicle didn’t make those noises when it was driven off the car lot, so it shouldn’t do that now. A knock or ping from time to time isn’t cause for a lot of alarm, however, a more frequent occurrence could indicate problems building under the hood.

Taking Care of Your Engine

  • Change the Oil every 3,000 miles
  • Use quality fuel
  • Don’t “slam” the gas pedal when accelerating and rev the engine RPM’s extremely high
  • Listen from time to time for any new sounds
  • Change spark plugs/tune up every 30K miles.

Frequently Asked Engine Repair Questions

Why is my check engine light on?
The Check Engine light has such a wide range of reasons to light up, we recommend always bringing your vehicle in so that one of our technicians can correctly diagnose the problem before it becomes a much bigger issue. These issues may not seem to affect normal driving operation of the vehicle, however, the on board computer is trying to alert you to an internal problem that could result in damage the longer it is ignored. It could be anything from an O2 sensor going bad to a faulty catalytic converter causing low fuel efficiency. Better to let us check it out up front.
When is it time to change my spark plugs?
While some companies will advertise 60-100K mile spark plugs, we recommend changing them out every 30K miles. If they go too long without being swapped out, they could seize up, causing hours of labor for repair technicians to remove and replace. Some can get so stuck that the cylinders must be removed to get to the spark plugs! Save yourself time and money by having them serviced every 30K miles.
Is a knocking or pinging sound normal?
An occasional ping or knock in the engine isn’t a major cause for concern, nor does it mean you should switch to a higher octane of gasoline. However, if the knocking becomes loud and more common, it could indicate an engine problem that St. Matthews diagnosticians would be happy to help you discover and fix.
Can a blown fuse appear normal?
In short, yes! Sometimes a fuse can blow outside of the visible area and still appear to be in good shape. Drop by St. Matthews and we will use a volt-meter for a more definitive check.
Do you work on hybrid or electric vehicles?
Yes! We service all manner of imports and have the ability to diagnose and repair imported electrics like the Toyota Prius.

What else can we help you with?



We are happy to help you get your vehicle towed to one of our locations. Outside of business hours, call A&A Towing directly at (502) 551-7651
Car Rental

Car Rental

We use Enterprise for all your rental needs and we will arrange your rental for you once you’re scheduled for your auto repair. Enterprise does not have a representative on site; they will pick you up at our shop. Please plan on this taking about 30 minutes on average to be picked up in your rental car.
Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service

Our service and repair shop offers a shuttle service to help make car repairs easier for you and your family. Ask about this service by calling our North Hubbards location today.


We are here to help alleviate the unexpected cost of car repairs through our financing program, Car Care One. Ask about this service at any of our locations.

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