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  • Volkswagen Engine Overheating

    When Should You Replace the Coolant Temperature Sensor of a Volkswagen

    Posted on July 9, 2021 by smikyautomowp
    Volkswagens are very popular for their affordability while still being high-quality, reliable vehicles. Often topping lists of most popular, highest performing, and resale value, Volkswagen owners have high expectations of their investment. Awareness of how the vehicle runs day to day and routine maintenance go a long way to getting the miles out of your vehicle you want and deserve.… Read More
  • Volkswagen Wiring Harness

    Dangerous Issues Related to Wiring Harness in a Volkswagen

    Posted on January 9, 2021 by smikyautomowp
    Your Volkswagen needs a lot of electrical power to make a lot of its important components function. In order to run this electricity to all of the parts of the vehicle that need it, your Volkswagen has a wiring harness. A wiring harness is a group of electrical cables or wires that sends electrical signals and power to the different… Read More
  • Volkswagen Gear Shifter Issue

    Avoiding Gear Shifter Issues in Your Volkswagen

    Posted on September 18, 2020 by smikyautomowp
    When dealing with a car as trustworthy as Volkswagen, it can be disheartening to discover that a part needs to be replaced. With that said, so many individual pieces work together under the hood to ensure the reliable performance you’ve come to love. One of the more prominent parts in your Volkswagen is the gear shifter. There are a number… Read More
  • Volkswagen ABS Warning Light

    ABS Module Failure in Volkswagen is a Common Issue Faced by Drivers in Louisville

    Posted on June 7, 2020 by smikyautomowp
    Volkswagen is a trusted brand of vehicles that has had a reputation of excellence for decades. Owners rely on their Volkswagen to impress, last, and perform. This brand is durable and expertly designed to provide owners with top-quality performance year after year. However, no matter how reliable and trusted your car may be, problems can still arise. A common problem… Read More
  • Volkswagen Oil Sludge Buildup

    Experienced Technicians Can Help With Your VW’s Oil Sludge Buildup in Louisville

    Posted on February 29, 2020 by smikyautomowp
    Volkswagen is one of the most popular import car brands in the United States due in part to their brand’s reliability. However, VWs are just as vulnerable as all other cars to the buildup of oil sludge in the engine. This develops when motor oil begins to break down. It can prevent your vehicle from operating effectively and cause serious… Read More
  • Volkswagen Valve Cover Gasket

    Why Does Your Volkswagen’s Valve Cover Gasket Fail? Get it Fixed in Louisville

    Posted on December 6, 2019 by smikyautomowp
    The purpose of the valve cover gasket is to seal the valve cover to the top of the engine cylinder head to prevent the leakage of oil, protect the cylinder head, and prevent air leaks for proper PCV functionality. The valve cover gasket also seals spark plug ports, which are integral to the proper functioning of your vehicle’s engine. A… Read More
  • Symptoms of Broken Rear Springs in Volkswagens

    Posted on October 10, 2018 by smikyautomowp
    Rear springs are an essential part of the suspension system of your Volkswagen, as they hold the weight of your car. However, the more you drive, the more pressure is placed on your rear springs and soon enough they become so worn out that they sag or break. When this occurs, it not only affects your driving, but it also… Read More
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