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The Benefits of Bringing Your Audi to Our Trusted Garage for Service

Posted on December 24, 2022 by smikyautomowp

Audi cars are built to last. Nonetheless, you must ensure regular maintenance to keep it in good shape all year. While it may appear harmless to put off your Audi maintenance, the negative effects of not maintaining it routinely will be a more costly repair down the road, with more down time for you. To keep your Audi running for years, you will need the services of our reputable auto repair shop. Below are some benefits of keeping up with your Audi’s routine maintenance:

Improves Your Audi’s Performance

Having your Audi properly maintained by our trusted garage will reduce internal damage over your car’s lifespan by keeping its oil, fluids, and other internal mechanics functioning as designed. Furthermore, when normal maintenance plans and car repairs are strictly adhered to, there tends to be optimization of power and dependability on your vehicle’s performance.

Malfunctions are Prevented

If you’ve been lucky, your only encounter with roadside emergency vehicles has been passing another broken-down car on the roadside. You don’t want to fall victim to that type of breakdown and be the person who has to be towed! By keeping up with basic Audi maintenance, you may avoid typical issues that are prevented by routine servicing.

Furthermore, the inexpensive cost of regular repairs can save you from the additional and unexpected expenditures and inconveniencies of roadside failures, including towing expenses, long labor costs, and even having to use an unqualified mechanic if you’re in an unfamiliar place or can’t get to our garage!

Improves Your Audi’s Fuel Efficiency

When you are up to date with your Audi’s regular servicing, you will use less gas. It is important to know that maintaining optimum tire pressure can help you consume less fuel, saving you up to 10% on gasoline costs. Regular car oil changes and tuneups can help your Audi function more effectively, boosting fuel efficiency and saving you cost over time.

Ensures Road Safety

Not all vehicle accidents are caused by human error. Neglected vehicle maintenance can result in defective brakes and steering problems, worn-out tires and windshield wipers, and incorrect fluid levels. Each of these concerns can result in road accidents. This is why it is essential to stay up to date with your services to protect everyone’s safety.

Higher Value at Resale

If you ever make the decision to sell your Audi, a good maintenance record will convince potential purchasers that the car has been well-maintained, thereby making you a proud owner and raising your Audi’s resale value.

Driving Your Audi with Confidence

Driving in itself can be a stressful activity. You can reduce the additional stress and tension by driving a car you trust. Scheduled servicing may help you feel more confident and calm on the road by ensuring that your Audi is properly working and maintained. The horsepower and brakes will be there when you need them most!

Don’t Neglect Your Audi’s Service Light

Many Audi models include a computer system that helps you remain on top of normal maintenance by using dashboard communication. This convenience must not be overlooked. If you own an Audi and often disregard the “SERVICE DUE” signal, you risk damaging your engine and becoming stuck on the side of the road. It could even result in an accident and injury.

Audi Scheduled Maintenance

St. Matthews Imports Will Maintain Your Audi and Keep it Running Smoothly

Bringing your Audi to our trusted garage for maintenance may appear to be a burden to you at first, but consider the cost and trouble of loss of use of your Audi due to a breakdown. Not only is this inconvenient but it can be dangerous depending on where and when your car malfunctions. Maintenance now will help you avoid surprise costs later.

St. Matthews Imports has provided high-quality auto servicing for all Audi models in Louisville, KY for over 30 years. You can bring your Audi to our Hubbards Lane location for the most affordable repair in the area. Our technicians are ASE certified and have many years of experience in dealing with Audi models. Scheduled service by our well-trained experts will keep your Audi operating at its peak year after year. Call us to book an appointment now, or you can visit us today!

* Audi Q3 Car image credit goes to: typhoonski.

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