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Toyota Transmission Slip

When Should Your Toyota Undergo a Transmission Flush in Louisville?

Posted on November 3, 2022 by smikyautomowp

The Toyota brand is known for its longevity across the globe. The quality that goes into the build of a Toyota convinces many car owners they will not purchase any other brand. Keeping clientele that trusts a brand developed over many years of manufacturing and improvements. The transmission service on a Toyota is part of its scheduled maintenance plan to keep the car running long in the future. Let’s look at the Toyota transmission fluid change and when a flush needs to occur.

Toyota Recommendations for Transmission Flush

The manufacturer’s recommendation for fluid change and flush of the Toyota brand’s transmission is set at 100,000 miles for an automatic transmission and 60,000 miles for a manual one. Of course, the recommendation is based on the concept your Toyota transmission is not showing any signs of trouble before these milestones arrive. If you are experiencing issues, you will need to seek help before this time.

Exclusion to a Toyota Transmission Flush

For Toyotas with a large number of miles and operating well, a transmission flush may be a bad decision. For high-mileage transmissions that show no signs of transmission issues, a simple fluid and filter change are best. This is because a flush can break loose any residue that has built over the years and clog the fluid channels inside the transmission. Ask your expert Toyota technician what is best for your car.

Signs You Need a Transmission Flush

For Toyotas that need a transmission flush before the recommended mileage, a few signs will warn you of this need. Here are a few signs to recognize.

  • Transmission Slip: When your transmission fluid is not working for you due to a clog or other issue, you will experience slippage in your transmission. For the driver, this will feel as if the car is taking too much time before shifting into the next gear or the transmission slipping out of the gear completely.
  • Jerking Motion: Another sign your Toyota’s transmission needs inspection and a possible flush is when the gear finally shifts, the car jolts or jerks This motion will be quite violent the longer the problem is ignored.
  • Grinding Sounds: For manual transmissions, your Toyota will sometimes make a grinding sound when changing gears if the transmission fluid needs flushing.
  • Overheating: Your transmission fluid helps to keep the system cool while operating. If the fluid is dirty or clogged, the transmission temperature will rise and possibly overheat your entire vehicle. If overheating occurs, shut down your Toyota immediately before damage occurs.
  • Complete Failure: If a blockage is bad enough in your Toyota’s transmission, the car may not shift at all. Unless the transmission itself is damaged, it may simply need to have the fluid flushed to remove contaminants that are causing the blockage.

As you can see, several signs suggest you may have a transmission that needs to be flushed. If you experience any of these signs, take your Toyota to a certified Toyota mechanic to inspect and repair it. Hopefully, a flush is all your car needs.

If you are not experiencing any transmission issues, do not skip the recommended transmission flushes at the 60,000 and 100,000-mile mark. Doing so will lead to several if not all of the signs above. It is much better to avoid your transmission problems than having them while you are commuting to work. Besides a breakdown, if your window for flushing the transmission is avoided for too long, it may result in costly repairs later. The flushing of a transmission is much less expensive than a full transmission replacement.

Toyota Transmission Flush

Bring Your Toyota to the Experts

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