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Repair of a Plastic Guide Rail Failure in a Mercedes by Experienced Mechanics in Louisville

Posted on May 7, 2022 by smikyautomowp

The Mercedes brand has never relented in its quest to set the standard for innovative technological advancement in the automobile industry. They have never stopped astonishing drivers around the world with their fascinating inventions. One such stunning innovation is the plastic guide rail, which is designed to assist the car’s timing chain to rotate properly, keeping it fixed in its position and making it possible for it to operate alongside other systems connected to the engine.

The guide rail is a plastic device that works with the engine timing chain to revolve appropriately in line with other systems attached to the engine. The function of the guide rail is to prevent the timing chain from slipping or moving from its position. As a result of its vital function, its failure can be catastrophic to a Mercedes general performance.

Like other components of a Mercedes, you will have some warning signs before the plastic guide rail fails. Ignoring these signs can have a negative impact on the car, leading to severe damage.

Causes of Guide Rail Failure

Knowing the causes of the guide rail failure in a Mercedes will help reduce the possibility of experiencing it. Here are some of the most common reasons the guide rail fails:

  • Excessive Heat: The guide rail is made of plastic and can become brittle and break as a result of excessive heat from the engine. Take your car to a certified automotive expert as soon as you notice an excessively high temperature on your engine gauge.
  • Speed: Driving at extremely high speeds on a constant basis can lead to the damage of your guide rail. Excessive speeds might cause your engine to run hot for an extended period of time, putting your guide rail in danger of melting. If the plastic melts, it has the potential to completely block the timing belt from spinning. It can also fuse with other engine components, generating severe engine damage and expensive rebuilds.

Signs of a Failed Guide Rail

By detecting a failing guide rail early, you can have it fixed as soon as possible so you don’t experience further problems. To help you identify signs of its possible failure, here are some of its warning signs:

  • Shaking Sounds: The shaking sounds coming from the car when driving could be a strong indication that your guide rail is loose. When a wheel becomes loose, the guide rail begins to shake violently.
  • Plastic guide rail residue in the oil pan: There is a possibility that you will observe pieces of the guide rail in the oil pan. This debris can block your car’s oil and cause significant damage to its engine if this happens. In this case, it is imperative that the guide rail is replaced immediately. This will require a tow into our shop since you cannot run your engine without a properly-functional guide rail.

There are certain problems that a car owner can take care of on their own, such as changing the oil. However, other kinds of problems are quite serious and professional help should be sought out to work closely with the engine’s parts and its electrical systems. Also, necessary tools will be needed to fix your Mercedes properly to ensure it’s optimum performance.

Let Us Help You

Your Mercedes is worth its price, so it only makes sense to give it the best car care and maintenance. Not every mechanic in Louisville is a certified expert in Mercedes repair. That is why St. Matthew’s Import is here for you. Being renowned experts in the repair of Mercedes, we can give you the very best mechanical care for your car. Your Mercedes is safe in the hands of our team of skilled mechanics.

Mercedes Plastic Guide Rail Residue Check In Oil Pan

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