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Audi Oil Change Warning

The Advantages of Regular Oil Change in Audi

Posted on February 28, 2022 by smikyautomowp

Engine oil is fundamental to the operation and well-being of Audi vehicles. Regular oil changes are essential to ensure the life of your car. Regular oil changes ensure the smooth running of your engine, less downtime, good oil mileage, and they also prevent your engine from seizing up.

Changing the oil in your Audi is a relatively quick process, but so many car owners ignore it, forgetting it is essential for car maintenance. Aside from the various advantages of regular oil changes, some oil change services include a multi-point inspection. The engine oil is responsible for ensuring that all engine components are properly lubricated. It safeguards the effective running of the engine, thereby contributing to safety on the roads.

Components of Engine Oil

Let’s take a look at the components of your engine oil.

  • It is made up of 78% base oil.
  • To improve flow, a 10% viscosity improvement additive is added. These additives reduce the difference in viscosity between cold oil and hot oil.
  • 3% detergent (a detergent substance that cleans the engine) is added. The main property of a detergent additive is to remove the deposits and tiny particles that form on surfaces when the car is being used.
  • 5% dispersant (for the suspension of dirt particles) is added. Dispersant additives keep all the deposits and impurities that form when the engine is running in suspension, thus avoiding deposit buildup on engine parts. The deposits are then carried to the oil filter where they are filtered.
  • 1% wear resistance, also called friction modifier additives, anti-wear additives add a layer of solid oil that lubricates the engine as soon as the vehicle starts up, thus avoiding friction between parts. This additive is mostly used in mineral oils.
  • Other components make up the remaining 3%.

Advantages of Regular Oil Changes

  • Protects the engine: Regular oil changes have numerous benefits, which include protecting your engine. It protects your car’s engine from wear and tear, friction, and sludge buildup. It ensures the smooth running and moving of your vehicle.
  • Engine efficiency: The regular changing of oil in your Audi improves the performance of your engine and also keeps it clean. When oil stays too long in your car, it carries dirt and other particles as it flows into the engine. Mud accumulates in the engine over time. If you don’t change your oil regularly, you may notice a slowdown in performance and output as a result of the dirt accumulated in the engine. Regular oil changes in your car will ensure efficient work on your engine.
  • Longer engine life: Dirty oil usually has grime that causes friction and wears and tear in your engine. When you change your oil regularly, you avoid such wear and tear from occurring, thereby prolonging the lifespan of your engine.
  • Environment-Friendly: Heat breaks down and releases gases into the atmosphere. When there is grime in your engine, the released gas tends to contain harmful hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. Regular changing of oil in your car reduces the release of such harmful gasses into the atmosphere thereby causing less pollution.
  • Better Mileage: The dirt inside the engine and other particles can cause friction, which reduces fuel economy. Regular oil changes make the engine efficiency increase, and an efficient engine provides the most efficient gas mileage when driving. It is essential to keep your engine free from debris and other particles to ensure it runs smoothly for better gas mileage and cost savings.

St. Matthews Imports for Your Audi Car Maintenance Needs

St. Matthews Imports features the latest tools and equipment to cater to major services on your Audi cars. Our shop has been family-owned and operated since the beginning and makes it easier for drivers to get affordable services for their Audi without sacrificing quality.

Audi Regular Oil Change

Audi has taken classic European auto qualities like strong performance and superior comfort and designed them for the 21st century. With so much technology inside and under the hood, each Audi requires high-end mechanics that understand the different service requirements and their importance for your car’s overall performance. Our oil service is arguably the best service available today.

We perform automotive service and repair on Hubbards Lane in Louisville, KY. Though we have various locations for sales, too. Call us today to schedule an oil change service to ensure your Audi car’s engine stays in top shape. Speak to our mechanic if you’re experiencing any performance issues with your Audi car or any other unusual problem at (502) 896-0305.

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