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Audi Erratic Light

The Most Sought-After Repair Shop in Louisville to Fix Erratic Lights in an Audi

Posted on January 8, 2022 by smikyautomowp

Owners of Audi enjoy everything that standard automobiles should possess. While driving your Audi, the first thing you would notice is its smooth transitions, high performance, and speed. You will also find it versatile and reliable in its entirety, adding a sort of panache to all your rides. The shape of the lights, both interior lights, turn signals, taillights, and headlights, are beautiful and even more aesthetically pleasing when lighted up.

However, when the lights become faulty and start behaving erratically, they lose all their beauty. Even more, it becomes dangerous for you to drive your car with erratic lights as it endangers your life and that of other road users.

All the lights found in your Audi are of importance. While the headlight helps illuminate the road and ensure safe driving while driving at night, the tail lights show the rear edge of the vehicle to other road users, notifying them of your presence on the road.

Some drivers usually overlook erratic lights in their vehicles and drive in them like that, but that’s dangerous. Most road accidents that happen at night are usually due to a lack of headlights or tail lights. Pay attention to your Audi’s lights and get them fixed whenever they become erratic.

Common Reasons for Erratic Lights in Your Audi

  • Faulty Alternator: The alternator is a vital part of your vehicle that works closely with your vehicle’s battery. It charges the battery and creates enough electrical power to power your Audi’s electrical components. If the alternator becomes faulty, the battery will become lowly charged and lose its inability to power the lights.
  • Faulty Electrical System: The electrical system in your car is responsible for powering all the lights in your Audi. However, if the electrical wiring connections are bad or faulty, the lights of your Audi will start flickering.
  • Faulty bulbs: Even the bulbs in our houses become faulty after using them for a while. The bulbs in your car are no exception. Hence, the lights in your vehicle may behave erratically or fail after a long time of usage.

Signs of Erratic Lights in Your Audi

When the lights in your Audi become erratic, you will notice immediately because the lights are one of the visible parts of your car.

  • Faulty Interior Lights: When the interior lights of your Audi become erratic, they start to flicker or flash. The erratic interior lights may be a result of faulty connections or disconnected, frayed, or malfunctioning wires. On the other hand, the dashboards are also interior lights and can behave erratically. Flashing dashboard lights usually indicates a faulty electrical system. In worst-case scenarios, the interior lights may not come on at all, including your digital dashboard. In this case, call our mechanics to have us replace and repair this problem immediately.
  • Faulty Exterior Lights: The headlights, tail lights, and low beams are all exterior lights. Flickering or flashing headlights is not always an indication that the bulbs have developed a fault. Sometimes, the headlights will flicker if there’s a bad connection between the battery and bulb. In this case, reconnecting the bulb and the battery may fix the problem. A defective brake switch may be the cause of twitching, blinking, or flickering tail lights. When the brake switch is faulty, the tail lights may also behave erratically.

St. Matthews Imports for Your Audi’s Safety

The easiest way to avoid erratic lights in your Audi is to carry out routine maintenance on time. The bulbs of your car should be checked for damage and if necessary, replaced immediately. Fixing unstable or faulty lights in your Audi require the service of a reliable auto repair shop.

Audi Alternator Check

At St. Matthews Imports, the overall wellness of your car is our priority. We have decades of experience, and our ASE-certified mechanics are here to make your auto repair experience exceptional regardless of whether it is routine maintenance or a serious repair.

Our ASE-certified mechanics employ the best factory-grade tools to find the root cause of your car problem and fix it. We offer comprehensive service and repairs for import, domestic, and German vehicles, including your Audi. We are located in Hubbards Lane and have multiple locations in Louisville, KY.  Please call or visit one of our shops today to schedule your next appointment!

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