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BMW 3 Series Car

Reasons for BMW 3 Series Ball Joint Failure from Experts in Louisville

Posted on December 22, 2021 by smikyautomowp

The BMW 3 Series is considered to be a top choice by many car owners because of its high performance. The car is renowned for its powerful acceleration, smooth and responsive steering, and state-of-the-art suspension. All of the car’s features combine for smooth driving performance on the road. Many car owners have attested to the driving performance and they are all satisfied.

An important part of your BMW’s suspension is its ball joint. While this is a small component that’s about the same size as your fist, its breakdown can result in serious problems for your vehicle.

The ball joint is designed as a durable component but it can still degrade. Every BMW 3-series owner has to keep track of the condition of this component. It’s also a great idea to regularly maintain the suspension to avoid any problems from developing or quickly spot them. As soon as you notice that the ball joint is considerably damaged, make sure to replace it to prevent further issues.

You may wonder what causes the ball joint to break down and how to notice signs of damage in your BMW 3-series suspension. Let’s look into the answers to these questions below.

Grease Failure

It may not seem like the usual culprit, but the main cause of a ball joint breakdown is wear and tear in the car’s suspension. The metal ball joint is kept in a metal container that has a rubber footing. There is also some additional grease to deal with any friction buildup. If the grease that lubricates the ball joint becomes filled with dirt and debris, it can prevent the joint from rotating properly and lead to big problems when driving. As the grease thins out, the friction buildup will increase and slowly damage the component.

Broken Seal

If the seal for your vehicle’s oil container is broken, it may cause its content to flow over the ball joint along with dirt and debris. The mixture of oil and debris will prevent the ball joint from functioning properly. This will slowly reduce the performance of the ball joint and other related components.

Friction/ Wear and Tear

There’s a big likelihood that your ball joint will break down as a result of the normal wear and tear of the car’s internal components. Ball joints are made from stainless steel. As a result, they will degrade from contact with moisture. Bad roads and harsh weather are the main factors responsible for leaking oil or drying it out.

A good way to prevent excessive wear and tear on your suspension’s ballpoint is to follow the car’s assigned maintenance schedule. It will also protect other important components in your suspension.

Signs of Ball Joint Failure in your BMW 3-Series

A complete and sudden ball joint failure is an unlikely occurrence because it would probably have been displaying warning signs already. The following signs may be an indication of a faulty ball joint:

  • Front end clunking noise: As the ball joint wears out slowly, it becomes loose in its sockets and will rattle around when the vehicle is in motion. These front-end vibrations are obvious on bumpy roads, speed bumps, or when navigating a sharp turn. This noise will get worse as the ball joint degrades.
  • Front end vibrations: The ball joint will continuously vibrate when the car is in motion. The vibrations may even extend to the steering after driving for a long period.

BMW 3 Series Ball Joint Inspection

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* BMW 3 Series Car image credit goes to: D. Lentz.

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