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Volkswagen Ignition Coil

Warning Signs of an Ignition Coil Failure in a Volkswagen

Posted on November 1, 2021 by smikyautomowp

Volkswagen is a German brand automobile founded in 1937 in Berlin, Germany. Throughout the years, Volkswagen has manufactured vehicles with exceptional performance and comforts, but they can develop issues with the ignition coil. This component is integral in the performance of the engine.

The ignition coil is a tube-shaped part within Volkswagen’s ignition system. These coils connect to spark plugs to deliver a high voltage current allowing the engine to start. The ignition coil is small in size but has a huge responsibility in regards to a vehicle’s engine. Let’s take a closer look.

Warning Signs of Ignition Coil Failure in a Volkswagen

While the ignition coil is designed to last a while, it cannot last forever. It is estimated that the ignition coils begin to fail at approximately 100,000 miles. Do not worry though, there are several warning signs associated with the failure of ignition coils.

  • Engine misfire/backfire/stalling: Ignition coils help in conducting the proper combustion process within the engine, therefore when this part fails the engine becomes less reliable resulting in engine misfire, backfiring, and engine stalling.
  • Illuminated check engine light: The failure of any part that is connected to the engine or responsible for engine functions will result in the vehicle’s electronic computer module sending a signal that there is something wrong. This signal of a problem is communicated to drivers through an illuminated warning light on the dashboard.
  • Poor performance: When all moving parts of your Volkswagen are working together as intended your vehicle is able to perform as described by the manufacturer. When moving parts within the engine compartment begin failing, drivers will notice poor performance from the engine and other parts as well as a significant decrease in the usual fuel economy.
  • Engine failure: Ignition coils are responsible for sending high voltage currents to the spark plugs. Without these coils, the spark plugs are not supplied with the needed electricity to ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber. When this occurs the engine is not able to start at all.

It is important that you do not ignore any of these warning signs of an impending problem as doing so could lead to costly damages to several parts of your Volkswagen, especially the engine.

Why do the ignition coils fail in Volkswagen?

There are several causes of ignition coil failure including:

  • Mechanical damage: When ignition cables become damaged, spark plug overload is inevitable resulting in an increase in wear and tear on these parts.
  • Poor voltage supply: Without adequate voltage supply, the ignition coils are less effective and take longer to charge. This is often caused by normal wear, coil overload, a weakened battery, or faulty wires.
  • Internal short circuit: The ignition coils are subject to short-circuiting due to overheating from module problems, electronic control unit output issues, and age.
  • Contact faults: Humidity created within the engine is responsible for contact faults between ignition coils and spark plugs.

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