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Reasons Behind EVAP Problems in Your Toyota From Certified Mechanics in Louisville

Posted on September 11, 2021 by smikyautomowp

When it comes to affordable and reliable brands, Toyota easily comes to mind. This brand continues to be a favorite all over the world for people who need an economical and dependable car to get them through their daily activities.

Toyotas have their own common problems that can leave the car performing poorly. A good example is the EVAP problem that most Toyota drivers have had to deal with at some point in their ownership.

The evaporative emissions control system, or EVAP, as it is often referred to, is responsible for preventing vapors from the fuel tank from going into the environment. Instead of releasing these vapors into the air, the EVAP system directs them back into the engine, where they are burned. This in effect ensures that your Toyota does not release harmful fuel emissions into the air that we breathe in.

In a nutshell, the EVAP system works like an in-built recycling system that ensures only harmless by-products of the combustion process in the engine gets into the atmosphere.

Causes of EVAP Problems

The EVAP system in your Toyota can sometimes develop leaks. These leaks can be due to a number of reasons, including a damaged or loose gas cap or a leaking EVAP hose. This can occur due to smaller components wearing out and cracking over time, especially after covering a certain amount of miles.

The other components in the EVAP system that can develop problems include the purge valve, the canister vent valve or the charcoal canister. These problems often occur as a result of long wear over time, which compromises the integrity of these parts.

In addition, particles from the exhaust system can also accumulate in the emission control canister. This can further strain the valves and solenoids to a point where the charcoal canister develops cracks. Because this charcoal canister often contains the vapor fuel that is yet to be reintroduced into the engine for combustion, these fumes will start leaking out into the environment. This is what environmental pollution from vehicles looks like. If this occurs, your car will likely fail its emission tests.

Signs of EVAP Failure

When the EVAP system in your Toyota develops problems, there are a few telltale signs that you’ll notice in your car. One of these signs is that you’ll be able to smell raw fuel coming out of the exhaust. This raw fuel will be a direct result of leaks from either the disconnected EVAP hose or a charcoal canister leak.

In addition to leaking fuel, an EVAP system failure can also lead to poor fuel economy. You may notice that your Toyota may consume more fuel to cover the same distances that you did before on less. This excessive consumption is often due to the fact that some of the fuel from the combustion cycle is released into the air instead of being directed into the charcoal canister. It is from this charcoal canister that these fuel vapors are directed back into the combustion chamber to burn and power your engine.

The check engine light on the dashboard of your car will also come on in the event that the EVAP system fails. Because the engine warning light can come on for many different reasons, you should also look out for the other symptoms as well. A combination of two or three signs should be enough to point to the issue.

What’s more, the EVAP system can also go into catastrophic failure. This failure is often characterized by a collapsed gas tank, where a whooshing sound is produced upon the removal of the gas cap. When this happens, you’ll need the help of a qualified auto-mechanic.

Toyota EVAP Failure Fix

St. Matthews Imports

When the EVAP in your Toyota fails, you’ll need a certified technician to run diagnostic tests to pinpoint the problem. EVAP problems are usually categorized by codes that help mechanics to provide the right solutions to remedy the situation. St. Matthews Imports in Louisville are the go-to mechanics for Toyota owners in multiple locations, including our Hubbards Lane location, for automotive services and repairs. Reach out to us today, and we’ll help you reduce your car’s carbon footprint.

* Toyota Car image credit goes to: KMoFoto.

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