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How to Deal with Leaks in a Power Steering Rack in Your Lexus

Posted on August 10, 2021 by smikyautomowp

A power steering rack in your Lexus allows you precision control of your vehicle. The power steering rack uses fluid pressure to push against a piston. Once the wheel is turned, the fluid pressure changes, therefore allowing the piston to move. This piston is attached to the steering gears, which is in fact your steering wheel. While the power steering rack manages the weight of steering, the driver simply needs to make minor changes to the wheel with a finger or slight movement of their hand.

The Reservoir Tank

Unlike most mechanical systems, many power steering reservoir tanks do not have a sensor. This means without checking your power steering fluid often and manually, it would be hard to spot a leak in your power steering rack.

When there is a leak, it causes the pressure in the pump to drop. When this occurs, most drivers will experience some change in the steering. The driver might also feel like the steering becomes heavy and hard to turn. When the fluid is completely gone and the power steering rack fails, turning the wheel will become difficult and can be very dangerous. Without control of your vehicle, accidents can occur.

Signs of a Leaking Power Steering Rack

There are a few signs to look for if you suspect a leak in your power steering rack. Some of the signs are:

  • Your steering wheel becomes difficult to turn.
  • Your steering wheel is slow to respond.
  • There is a whining noise when you turn the wheel.
  • Your vehicle will make groaning noises.

It is of the utmost importance to schedule service once you notice these signs. This will avoid any dangerous situations.

Reasons for Leaks in the Power Steering Rack

Your power steering rack could leak for a number of reasons. Rough driving, tough terrain, and poor quality tires could all damage your power steering rack. Also, improperly-mounted tires and any shimmies or shakes of a vehicle can affect leaks in the power steering rack.

If your power steering rack starts to leak and is not repaired in a timely manner, other damage can occur to parts of your vehicle. The seals on the power steering rack are often the culprits for leaks. The seals can be damaged by aggressive use. They can also be damaged due to environmental elements. Chemicals used to treat the roads and debris will wear the seals down on your power steering rack. It is best to clean your Lexus regularly. Storing your vehicle within a garage when it’s not in use will help keep your seals in shape.

Once the seals on the power steering rack are compromised, the whole unit has to be replaced. Our certified technicians are very capable of changing the power steering rack in your Lexus.

Not only does care need to be taken with your power steering rack leaking or failing, but if your power steering fluid is contaminated it could cause problems. Contaminated fluid will corrode your power steering rack, which could lead to the loss of steering and failed a power steering rack.

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