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Mercedes Damaged Thermostat

Signs of Thermostat Failure in Your Mercedes

Posted on June 23, 2021 by smikyautomowp

Your Mercedes may develop problems with its thermostat, which is an extremely important part under the hood. It aids in keeping the engine running as designed.

A thermostat under the hood of your Mercedes is responsible for keeping engine temperatures within a normal range to ensure a properly running vehicle. The thermostat regulates the temperature of the coolant. Coolant flows through the thermostat and into the radiator, which is then responsible for moving the hot air out of the engine and into the environment.

The thermostat contains a valve that opens and closes depending on the amount of coolant flowing through at one time. When you start your vehicle and the engine is cold, the thermostat valve remains closed forcing the heated coolant back into the engine to heat it to an adequate temperature.

There is no manufacturer-recommended time frame of when to replace it, so let’s look closer into this component and the valve so you know when to have it checked out if it’s malfunctioning.

What is a thermostatic valve?

The thermostat is connected to a thermostatic valve, which is responsible for allowing or blocking the amount of coolant that flows through the engine by opening and closing. The thermostatic valve can become stuck open or closed, causing serious problems within the engine.

When the thermostatic valve is stuck open, coolant continually flows through the engine, keeping it cold, resulting in a decrease in engine performance. When the thermostatic valve is cold and unable to open back up, the coolant is not able to reach the engine, resulting in the engine overheating. An overheating engine has the potential to cause significant and expensive damage.

Symptoms of a Failed Thermostat

Regardless of what it may be, any failing part within your vehicle will exhibit warning signs. When the thermostat is malfunctioning, the coolant is unable to pass through as it normally would. The coolant begins backing up and eventually causes a coolant leak.

If your Mercedes is experiencing a coolant leak, you will notice a brightly colored fluid, either dripping or puddled, underneath your vehicle. Without coolant, your vehicle will overheat rather quickly causing significant damage to your engine.

A failed thermostat will have your temperature gauge reading high on the dashboard. When you start your vehicle if the gauge shows in red within 15 minutes, this indicates a problem with the thermostat.

An erratically changing temperature gauge is another warning sign of a failing or failed thermostat. If the gauge fluctuates between extremely low to extremely high randomly, the thermostat is likely not working, as this shows it is unable to report accurate temperatures.

A poor-performing engine is a sign that it is not receiving enough coolant, indicating a failed thermostat. The coolant flows through the thermostat cooling the engine as it passes through the engine block.

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