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MINI Coolant Level Low Warning Light

The Best Way to Address a Mini’s Leaking Coolant in Louisville

Posted on February 11, 2021 by smikyautomowp

When driving a Mini Cooper, both safety and style are your top priority. This includes having a reliable vehicle that is not leaking coolant.

Leaking coolant can pose a huge danger to your car and cause malfunctions such as broken car batteries, bad radiators, and overheated engines. Since all of these issues could potentially result in smoke or fire in your vehicle, we suggest taking your Mini to get repaired right away if you notice that it is leaking coolant.

If you live in Louisville, KY, or the surrounding areas and you notice that your Mini is leaking coolant, bring your car to our St. Matthews Import where our Hubbards Lane location will offer automotive service and repair quality that you can trust.

The Way Coolant Works

Your vehicle utilizes coolant, otherwise known as antifreeze or cooling liquid, to cool off your engine. It removes heat from the engine by taking some of the heat and pushing it through a grouping of coils. These coils absorb the heat while the coolant’s liquid then cools some of the remaining heat in the engine. If your Mini’s coolant leaks, the levels will drop and your engine is subject to overheating.

What Happens When Your Mini is Leaking Coolant

If your Mini Cooper is leaking coolant, this could mean a variety of things. If your radiator is what’s leaking, your vehicle’s coolant will spill out of your car and onto things such as your battery. Tour engine will not be able to receive any of the coolant liquid and could therefore overheat, causing extensive engine damage in the long run.

How To Know if Your Mini is Leaking Coolant

Whether your Mini is leaking coolant or whether it is leaking oil is a very important distinction to make when you notice that your vehicle is leaking. Leaking oil and leaking coolant can mean two very different things when it comes to the health and longevity of your car, as well as the safety of your passengers and those around you. There are two main ways to know whether or not your Mini Cooper is leaking coolant or leaking oil. These include:

  • Thin liquid pooling on the ground: If you notice that thin liquid is pooling and running on the ground underneath your car when it is parked or idling at a stoplight, this means that it is probably coolant rather than oil. Oil tends to appear thicker and stay in place, while oil is thin and runs.
  • Your engine is extremely hot: If you notice that your engine is overheating and the temperature reading inside your car is hot, this means that your engine is not getting enough coolant. Your Mini therefore either has a coolant leak or needs a coolant top off.

Reasons Your Mini’s Coolant Could Be Leaking

As a responsible Mini driver, understanding the reasons why your Mini’s coolant is leaking is very important. Not only will it allow you to diagnose and repair any damage sooner rather than later to avoid additional problems in your vehicle, but it will also help ensure the health and safety of yourself, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. Reasons your Mini’s coolant could be leaking include:

  • Your Mini has a blown head gasket: A blown head gasket in your Mini Cooper is a huge problem and could cause extensive engine damage for your car. A blown head gasket means that rather than entering your engine, coolant is leaking all over the inside of the hood of your car and onto the ground below. If your car has a blown head gasket, take it to St. Matthews Import immediately to be repaired.
  • Your radiator tubes have become corroded: If your radiator tubes are old and corroded, this could mean that they have become too damaged to transport coolant. Corroded radiator tubes often have many cracks and holes, causing your Mini’s coolant to leak.
  • Your Mini’s gasket sealing has worn off between the tank and the radiator: Similarly to a blown head gasket, if your Mini’s gasket sealing has worn off, it means that the coolant in your vehicle is not reaching its intended destination. If your engine is not receiving coolant, it will overheat and eventually fail.

MINI Coolant Filling

St. Matthews Import Can Address Your Mini’s Leaking Coolant

Whether you are located in Louisville, KY, or any of the surrounding areas, our knowledgeable and expert staff at St. Matthews Import are available to address your Mini’s leaking coolant problems any day of the workweek.

As the largest independent shop in Louisville, providing the most comprehensive care for German or Asian import cars is of utmost importance to us. We will not only inspect your Mini Cooper, but we will also expertly diagnose any leakage problems and repair them, hassle-free.

Visit our website today to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly professionals, servicing Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini, VW, Asian Import, and Domestic for your convenience.

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