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BMW Parking Brake

Top Reasons for a Failing Parking Brake in Your BMW by Experts of Louisville

Posted on December 24, 2020 by smikyautomowp

The parking brake is also called the emergency brake, and it is one of the most important features in any car. The parking brake keeps your car firmly in place on elevated or slanted surfaces. It can also be an actual lifesaver when you need extra braking power in addition to your brake pedal.

The parking brake can sometimes fail in your BMW. Because this brake system is an essential feature of your BMW, if you suspect your parking brake might not be working properly, you need to bring your BMW to a trusted service center for inspection. Below are the most common reasons for parking brake failure.

Seized Brake

One cause for failure of the parking brake that can often go unnoticed is driving with the brake engaged. This should seem impossible, but people do it all the time without realizing. Driving with the brake engaged will cause it to overheat and could potentially lock up the wheels of your car. Because of this, it is extremely important to remember to disengage your parking brake before you begin driving.

Faulty Sensor

The sensor that activates the red brake warning light on the dashboard of your car can also malfunction, causing confusion for you and potential problems. This sensor informs you when the brake is engaged, but if it is not working properly, you could forget that you have the brake on and start driving while it is engaged. Some cars also have a sound effect function that also warns you when the brake is on. If these sensors fail, the brake warning light could remain illuminated even if the brake has been released; hence the confusion.

Broken Lever

The parking brake features a self-locking system that is designed to lock in place until you release it. The springs that help this system function can wear out over time and possibly breakdown. If this intricate system fails, it could prevent you from releasing or engaging your parking brake, leaving you stuck where you are parked.

Broken or Worn Cable

A common reason for parking brake failure is lack of use. Although the cable is enclosed in a protective cover, it can still become rusted and corroded with little use. This means that even when you are not parking on a slanted surface, it is still wise to utilize your parking brake often, as you would not want the brake to fail when you need it the most. Using the brake and the cable every day prevents corrosion and keeps the cable and brake in good condition.

All of these issues can cause significant failure in your parking brake’s essential function. If your parking brake fails, you could be at the risk of not having an emergency brake measure as well as not being able to park your car on slanted or elevated surfaces. If your parking brake is not working on your BMW, it is important to have it checked during routine service.

What To Do When Your Parking Brake Fails In Your BMW

Unfortunately, you will most likely find out your parking brake isn’t working when you need it most, either on an incline or in an emergency. This is why it’s important to make this a part of routine servicing, such as when you’re getting an oil change. At St. Matthews Import, service and maintenance in Louisville are our expertise. We service a number of German import cars, such as your BMW, and we provide the most comprehensive services around, including repair of a failed parking brake.

BMW Parking Brake Repair

St. Matthews Import

The experts of Louisville have been serving the Louisville area at our family-owned automotive repair center for over 50 years. We have developed a great reputation in the area metroplex for our quality of service. Whether you’re coming in for a failed parking brake or any other issues with your BMW, St. Matthews Import is here to help.

Our company boasts excellent customer reviews and even better deals. Instead of heading to an overpriced, overcrowded dealership with inexperienced mechanics and extended wait times, the small-business, family appeal of St. Matthews Import is what you need. Let our expert technicians repair your parking brake and maintain your BMW. We look forward to earning your patronage.

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