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BMW Steering Issues

The Best Garage of Louisville to Fix a Bad Steering Column in a BMW

Posted on November 5, 2020 by smikyautomowp

There can be a number of problems that may emerge under the hood of your car, even in a car as powerful and reliable as BMW. These issues can compound with one another and become far worse. They can lead to a greater headache if they are not attended to as soon as they arise.

It should go without saying that only a professional should be trusted to repair your BMW, as certain problems can be dangerous to tackle without the proper knowledge.

A bad steering column is a serious issue that should be resolved as soon as possible. Not resolving this problem can lead to serious issues under the hood that have the potential to become life-threatening. First, it’s important to look at the function of the steering column so that we may begin to diagnose whether or not there is a problem with the system itself.

What does the steering column do?

In short, your steering column plays a major factor in why you are able to drive your car at all. Remember that every time you get behind the wheel, you are controlling a one-thousand-pound vehicle all by yourself. Clearly, your arms are not strong enough to do this without any help, so the steering system helps to ensure this is possible.

The rotation of your steering wheel is converted into a swiveling motion that affects the wheels of your vehicle and allows them to turn in response to your vehicle movements. As you may have guessed by the name, your steering column is connected to the universal joint, which connects to the axles that are capable of turning your wheel.

There are a large number of parts connected to this system that can go wrong. Issues with the steering column can disconnect a driver from the wheel, which goes to show the importance of fixing any problems that arise.

An area where problems can often occur is at the base of the steering column at a point known as the rack and pinion. Essentially, this is the area where the steering wheel movement with your hands is transferred to the wheels of your BMW. So any problems here would essentially make the steering column worthless.

If there is a problem with the steering column, it could also occur at the universal joint. This connects the rack of your axle to the steering column at an angle, so that the entire column is not at a sideways angle. Keeping this in mind, identifying the common areas where issues can occur, as well as some of the common signs, is key to ensuring the safety of your vehicle.

Signs of Steering Column Issues

Fortunately, there are a number of signs that will indicate there is a problem with the steering. Unfortunately, these symptoms can be serious and often require action from the driver when they are spotted. Trust any of these signs and take your vehicle in right away when you notice problems arise.

Odd Noises When Turning the Steering Wheel

There shouldn’t be any issues with turning your steering wheel. Hearing noises is a major indicator that something is wrong under the hood. It is normal to have smooth wheel movements and not hear anything as you drive, so grinding or squeaking noises should be attended right away.

Steering Tilt Doesn’t Lock

Your steering tilt enables you to move the wheel to a comfortable height that matches you. If the steering wheel does not lock or offer a flexible movement, it’s more than likely that something is wrong with the steering column or a component of the steering column.

Vehicle Is Not Responding

If you are turning the wheel but there is no response from your car, try to slow down safely and get to the side of the road, because it is extremely likely that your steering column may have just failed.

This can be a scary experience, but turn on your hazards and try to stay calm. Remain in control of your vehicle’s speed as you slowly come to a stop and/or can drift to the side of the road.

BMW Bad Steering Column Fix

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