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The Benefits of the Cruise Control System for Mercedes Drivers

Posted on October 20, 2020 by smikyautomowp

Mercedes Benz is one of the most renowned automotive names in the world. Over several decades, they have remained one of the most popular brands with drivers, and for excellent reason.

One of the benefits of Mercedes Benz is many of their models now come equipped with a cruise control system. With the proper maintenance and service, Mercedes are made to last and can feel like new even after thousands of miles and years of driving behind the wheel.

The regular upkeep and even use of cruise control only further assist in preventing performance issues from occurring. By utilizing our team at St. Matthews Imports, we will service your vehicle’s needs, and you will be confident that your Mercedes is operating as designed.

Pros of Utilizing Cruise Control

There are many benefits to using the Mercedes cruise control system. Let’s take a closer look at the different perks to this technology.

  • Awareness: By having one less thing to monitor while driving, you are better aware of other drivers, weather, and obstructions in the road instead of watching your speedometer.
  • Comfort: One of the reasons so many drivers take advantage of their cruise-control-equipped vehicles is that it is beneficial during long drives, especially down highways and sparsely-populated roads. Speed control reduces driver fatigue and allows for driver’s to reposition themselves in a safer manner, maintaining their comfort for the duration of the drive.
  • Safety: When you are maintaining constant speed, you are also at a lower risk of accelerating and speeding past other vehicles, decreasing your chances of an accident.
  • Savings: Speed control offers the benefits of saving you money. By maintaining a steady speed, drivers are at less of a risk to speed mindlessly, while avoiding the costly damages that may accompany speeding: accidents, tickets, etc.
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates the total economic cost of speeding to be around $40 billion a year. By maintaining speed with cruise control, drivers are also able to reduce any unnecessary accelerating and decelerating that wastes gas.
  • Sustainability: When operating with speed control, not only does your gas reduction save you money, but it also decreases the carbon pollution that accompanies burning engine fuel by moderating the rate in which it burns.

How to Use Cruise Control in Your Mercedes Benz

The cruise control in your Mercedes Benz only works at speeds above 20 mph. You can set the initial speed by using the lever on the left hand side of the steering will to either accelerate or decelerate. This lever has a resistance point halfway in either direction (up or down) by stopping at the resistance point you can increase or decrease your current speed.

If you move the lever past the resistance point in either direction, you can alter the speed by plus or minus 5 mph. The set speed can be cancelled by either stepping on the brake pedal or by pushing the lever forward. To resume to the last speed set, simply pull the lever toward you.

Reasons for Cruise Control Failure

There are few reasons that can cause your cruise control to fail. There may be a damaged mechanical part, a blown fuse or faulty wiring, a damaged speed sensor, a faulty brake pedal switch, or potentially something different entirely. No matter the reason, St. Matthews Imports is here for you and your technologically-advanced vehicle.

St. Matthews Imports Will Improve Your Mercedes Experience

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, stop by our Hubbards lane location for your automotive service and repair. Mercedes Benz is one of the most known and well-made brands in the entire automotive industry.

Mercedes Cruise Control System Repair

For drivers in and around the Louisville area, we have expert mechanics who are equipped to provide the quality service you want to give your Mercedes.

Without compromising the dynamic design, we can service, repair or replace any issue occurring with your vehicle including: a/c system repairs, check engine light diagnostics, engine rebuilds, full service oil changes, tire repairs, auto electrical repairs, diagnostic inspections, factory scheduled maintenance, fluid/filter replacements, transmission repairs, brake repairs, electrical system services, full point vehicle inspections, radiator repairs, and wheel alignment and balancing.

We have been taking care of all major services and repairs for vehicles for over 50 years. So stop in and have our family take care of you and yours, ensuring that you’re driving at your absolute best.

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