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What Leads to Electrical Connector Failure in a Mercedes?

Posted on September 2, 2020 by smikyautomowp

Just like any other model of vehicle, Mercedes cars are susceptible to a variety of problems and malfunctions. Engine misfires, window regulator malfunctions, and worn catalytic converters are all problems Mercedes vehicles are known for having. However, there is another significant problem that puts you at risk when driving a Mercedes: electrical connection failure.

A Mercedes utilizes many electrical circuits to power various components of your car. These circuits and wiring systems get progressively more complex as newer models are released, meaning it can be tricky to determine if your vehicle is experiencing an electrical connector failure. While Mercedes cars are durable, it’s best to ensure you’re avoiding undue harm to your connector, as without it, your vehicle will be unable to function at all.

Leading Causes of Connector Failure

Two main factors typically lead to connector failure. These problems can be easily avoided by scheduling routine inspections with your local auto repair shop. However, they do need to be repaired quickly as soon as you are made aware of them.

Corrosion is a significant contributor to connector failure. Wiring that is exposed to external elements (such as moisture) can become incredibly problematic and pose a safety risk to you and your vehicle. Another primary contributor to connector failure is old wiring. As the wiring ages, it is increasingly exposed to high temperatures, weather, and a variety of other conditions. Merely as a result of this, your connector will eventually deteriorate over time and eventually fail.

Common Contributors to Electrical Connector Failure

Mechanical stress

Any vibrations, sustained bending, or repeated mating and unmating of your connector’s components can cause electrical failure. If your vehicle undergoes excessive or repeated stress when operating, this can present itself through damage to your vehicle’s connector shell and key. Mechanical stress can also lead to an open connection within your connector system, which is a serious electrical hazard.

Excessive temperatures

Excessively-high or extremely-low temperatures can provoke damage to your electrical connector and cause it to fail. An overheated connector can lead to insulation breakdown and increased contact resistance, while a connector that is too cold can lead to damage to non-electrical components. While excessive temperatures are dangerous if the vehicle is exposed to them for an extended period of time, the risk becomes even more significant if the car is transported from one extreme weather condition to the opposite in rapid succession.

High humidity

Just like an overheated connector, similar problems can present themselves if the moisture of the connector is too great. A connector exposed to high humidity will likely lead to increased contact resistance and an increased risk of corrosion, which results in the connector failing more quickly.

Common Signs of a Malfunctioning Connector

Just like any other electrical component of your vehicle, there are telltale signs that your electrical connector needs to be inspected or repaired. However, these signs are similar to many other electrical-based malfunctions and thus can be difficult to distinguish without a professional inspection. We recommend you check with your car mechanic to determine the exact cause of an electrical malfunction and have it replaced, if necessary.

Signs of a damaged electrical connector can depend on where in the electrical system the damage occurs. Your vehicle can experience premature battery failure, flickering or dimming lights, engine stalling or misfiring, problems with the car lock, malfunctioning window regulators, or a variety of other symptoms. Your Mercedes relies on a large amount of electrical energy to power all of these components, among others, so you should get it inspected as soon as you can to restore your Mercedes to its proper function.

BMW Electrical Repair

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