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BMW Faulty Window Regulator

Side-Effects of BMW’s Faulty Window Regulator Clips

Posted on April 3, 2020 by smikyautomowp

Long gone are the days of using full-arm motion to roll up your window. BMWs have long had power windows, but they can be frustrating if they start to malfunction. Stuck up or down, if your window isn’t moving, it will be annoying. A faulty window regulator may be to blame for issues with your BMW’s power windows. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons for window issues.

What is a window regulator?

The window regulator is responsible for raising or lowering the window when the button is engaged (keeping you from having to spin that handle). There are several components within the window regulator that are prone to wear down over time. Many BMW drivers experience problems with their power windows.

The regulator is essentially a series of pulleys that may detach from one another, and it is at this point that your power windows will cease to work properly. There are a few ways that you may start to notice these problems, which will be discussed in the following section.

Signs of a Faulty Window Regulator

It’s important to keep a sharp eye on all aspects of your BMW’s performance, including how its power windows are working. If you notice any of the symptoms listed below, your BMW could have a problem with its window regulator.

Takes Multiple Presses to Move Window

The switch that activates the power window system and in turn moves the window up and down is supposed to require only one press to work. If you find yourself having to press up or down on the switch more than once for the power window system to be activated, it could be caused by a cable detachment within the window regulator.

In this case, it could also be caused by the actual switch itself, which would require a small amount of cleaning to be fixed. After checking the switch, if you find that the window still won’t move, take your BMW to a certified mechanic.

The Window Won’t Stay Up

If you press the window-activation switch to raise the window up, and you find that it falls back down, there is clearly a problem with the power window system. Most often, it’s due to the failure of a component within the window regulator. Typically, the window regulator keeps the window in whatever place it is in. When it starts to malfunction, it won’t stay in place. Cold mornings and hot afternoons won’t be too fun in your vehicle if this happens.

Clicking When Rolling the Window

If you hear a clicking sound from within the door when you are rolling the window up or down, it could be caused by a problem within the window regulator. It is possible that debris entered at the top of the door and became lodged in the window regulator, causing it to overwork.

In these cases, the problem will compound itself. A seemingly inconsequential problem, like a clicking noise, could result in a costly one, like having to get your BMW’s entire window regulator removed.

These are just a few of the side-effects of a faulty window regulator in a BMW. You should always be on the lookout for any issues so that you can take your BMW to an ASE-certified mechanic to check it out.

BMW Faulty Window Regulator Fix

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