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Audi Check Engine Light

Is Your Audi’s Check Engine Light Illuminated in Louisville?

Posted on December 23, 2019 by smikyautomowp

Audi insures both the safety of their drivers and their cars is through the check engine light, which will illuminate on the dashboard when a problem occurs. Let’s take a closer look at how this light works, what different warnings look like, the causes of illumination, and how they are repaired.

The Function of the Check Engine Light

Many of us simply call this warning light the check engine light, but its official name is the EML or Engine Management Light. Unlike other warning lights, the illumination of the EML will not tell you a specific problem but instead indicates an issue with one or more of the systems connected to your engine and exhaust.

The EML is controlled by your Audi’s central computer, the ECU, or Engine Control Unit. If the ECU spots problems in a system that affects the engine or exhaust, then it will trigger the illumination of the check engine light.

The Different Types of Warning

While the EML will not tell you the part which is at fault, in modern cars, it will give you an indication as to the severity of the issue it is facing with 3 different display options. The meaning of each light color or function varies slightly between manufacturers and models. So for an exact interpretation for your Audi, you should check your owner’s manual. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most common information supplied by the EML:

An Amber Warning Light

It shows that the problem your Audi is facing is less severe and can be interpreted as your car giving you a heads up that your vehicle needs to be inspected soon. This means that your Audi is, for the time being, safe to drive but needs a mechanics assessment sooner rather than later to prevent problems becoming worse, more dangerous, or more costly to fix.

A Flashing Amber Warning Light

It tells the driver that the vehicle is experiencing frequent engine misfires. Misfires will lower your vehicles’ performance as well as make it feel unpleasant to drive. Misfires shouldn’t be ignored, as they can cause severe engine damage and contaminate or even cripple your catalytic converter. If you notice the amber check engine light flashing then you need to reduce your speed and drive your Audi to the closest repair shop.

A Red Warning Light

It indicates that the issue is severe and needs urgent diagnostics. Your vehicle is essentially unsafe to drive. Because of this, if you see this light in this color, you will need to stop your Audi as soon as it is safe to do so and call a recovery truck to tow you to the repair shop.

The Most Common Causes of Check Engine Light Illumination:

● Sensor issues, such as those with the MAF sensor and O2 sensor.
● Part faults, such as those concerning the EGR valve, vacuum hose, or ignition system.
Blockages, such as those to the fuel injector or fuel pump and to the particulate filter.
● Severe failures, such as a contaminated catalytic converter.
● Driver error, such as a loose fuel cap.
● Fault errors, such as an incorrect illumination.


While there can be many different repairs needed to resolve the issue, fixing a problem detected by the check engine light always starts with diagnostic work. Your mechanic will use a diagnostic reader that is plugged in to the OBD-II data port (or OBD-I in older models.)

Alongside illuminating the check engine light, when the ECU detects an issue, it will also send out an error code which describes the problem with your Audi. The reader can translate these codes, allowing your mechanic to use this information to get to the root of your problem and make a quick repair to get you safely back on the road.

Audi Broken Catalytic Converter

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