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MINI Power Steering Pump Failure

Get Your MINI’s Power Steering Pump Failure Corrected in Louisville

Posted on August 26, 2019 by smikyautomowp

Owning and driving a MINI is both fun and exciting. Known for its bold personality and creative, distinctive design, the MINI offers an extensive range of customization. Incredible handling and amazing fuel efficiency round out a long list of features that make this line of automobiles truly unique. However, like any automobile, the MINI is not immune from the occasional malfunction or mishap.

Power steering is an integral part of your car’s overall performance, and the power steering pump is one of the most crucial components. This system affects every aspect of the driving experience, from handling curves to rolling down a straight stretch. If the power steering pump in your MINI begins to malfunction, the steering will be compromised and it could lead to unsafe driving conditions.

Signs of a Potential Power Steering Pump Failure

Decreased responsiveness in the steering

One of the first and most obvious signs of a problem is the deterioration of the steering ability in your vehicle. You may have to use more force to turn the wheel or handle curves. The steering wheel can begin to feel heavy or restrained. It may also shake or vibrate during operation.

Unusual noises when turning the wheel

Whining, groaning, or squealing may indicate that there is an issue with the power steering. The pump could be failing, and this should be addressed as soon as possible.

Leaking fluid

You may notice drops of oil under your vehicle which could be from a leaking power steering line. When fluid levels get too low, the pump will run dry. This leads to overheating and damaging friction. The result could potentially be a complete breakdown and prevent the pump from functioning.

Knocking noise

When the pump is nearing the end of its operation, it will begin to make a loud knocking noise. You should have a mechanic inspect and repair this immediately or more serious damage can be done to the other steering components.

Squealing from under the hood

As your car starts, the fluids begin to circulate through their specific routes. If your pump is dry, it may actually shift the timing belt. The belt may then make a loud squealing noise for a few minutes.

Your MINI requires specific maintenance, diagnosis, and repairs to keep it performing at its best. This includes assessing issues that may develop in relation to the power steering pump. If you suspect such problems, you should consult an expert in MINI mechanics as soon as possible.

Maintaining Your MINI With St Matthews Import

St. Matthews Import in Louisville, KY is the area’s largest and most comprehensive independent shop in the area. We are the premier service center for German automobiles, including your MINI. We have multiple locations, including the Hubbard Lane location for automotive service and repair. Our ASE-certified mechanics use the latest diagnostic equipment and factory grade tools to ensure every job is done correctly the first time you visit our shop.

SMI has a team of experienced MINI mechanics that have provided the detailed inspections and repairs for these automobiles for 50 years. German vehicles often use the latest technology and  advanced engineering in their designs. While you may think dealerships are the most equipped to handle your MINI problems, they can have overcrowded service centers, extended wait times, inexperienced mechanics, and overpriced services. Let our expert mechanics prove our worth to you.

MINI Power Steering Pump Failure Fix

St. Matthews Import is also an active member in the community. We strive to create a relationship with you that goes beyond the service center doors. We regularly make donations to many charitable organizations in the area as well as being actively involved in local festivals and community events. We want you to get to know us, not only as your team of mechanics but as your friends. These relationships and our outstanding service record help make your decision to visit St. Matthews Import an easy one. Driving your MINI should always be a fun adventure and we want to keep that experience a positive one. Whether you need regularly scheduled maintenance or an inspection of a faulty power steering pump, we are here for you. Call us today!

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