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How to Repair Your Mini’s Malfunctioning Clutch

Posted on June 21, 2019 by smikyautomowp

MINIs are known for being efficient, stylish, and luxurious. You make an investment in one of these vehicles, so you expect a high-quality experience in turn. In most cases, MINIs deliver on what was promised. However, they can be damaged just like other vehicles, no matter the make or the quality.
One common problem with MINIs seems to be a malfunctioning clutch in manual transmission models. The clutch serves a vital function in the operation of your car, so it is important that you have any issues addressed as soon as possible before driving becomes dangerous.
In this article, you’re going to learn:

  • Why a clutch is important
  • Warning signs of malfunction in your MINI
  • Why this happens
  • What you can do to repair your clutch

Why the Clutch is Important for Your MINI

The clutch of manual transmission vehicles is important because it keeps the engine connected to the wheels. It is what makes shifting gears possible while driving.

Warning Signs of a Malfunctioning Clutch

There are some concerning things you may notice while you are operating your MINI that can be symptoms of a malfunctioning or failing clutch. These are:

  • Noises coming from your transmission or pedal. This usually presents itself as a grinding noise when you push down on the pedal. It can also manifest as a squealing noise coming from the transmission while your vehicle is in neutral.
  • The engine may rev faster than is normal while you are accelerating.
  • When you release the clutch, your MINI may take longer to move than it usually does.
  • Acceleration may be rough and your driving experience might be rugged. This happens when the clutch can’t shift gears as well as it should.
  • When you release the clutch, the MINI may not move at all. This is obviously a worst-case scenario and the most urgent sign that you need a new clutch.
  • The clutch pedal may vibrate while you push it down.

Why a Clutch Malfunctions in a MINI

Several factors can attribute to clutch malfunction or failure in a MINI. Some of these are:

  • General wear and tear. Any vehicle needs its various parts replaced after so long. Time wears down everything. If you drive your MINI consistently and put a lot of miles on it, the clutch is eventually going to need to be repaired. In the future, you should have your MINI inspected regularly in order to ensure that you catch any clutch issues early.
  • One of the several parts that make up the clutch are the fork, the disc, the pressure plate, the flywheel, linkages and cables, and bearings. If any part gets damaged, it could throw the whole clutch system off.

How to Repair the Malfunctioning Clutch

When your clutch fails, there isn’t much you can do on your own to fix the problem. Even if you are a mechanic yourself, you may need a second opinion to accurately diagnose and repair your MINI.
Just thinking about the price of repairs could cause you to procrastinate, but time is of the essence. There are more affordable options than dealerships with outrageous rates and mechanics who deal mainly with domestic cars. If you are looking for the best quality for the price, make an appointment and let the technicians at St. Matthew’s Import help you with all of your vehicular repair needs.
The professionals at St. Matthew’s Import have been servicing foreign cars like yours for 50 years. We are head and shoulders above the competition through our experience and quality customer service.
The brands that our technicians specialize in are:

  • MINI
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • Volkswagen

In addition to servicing European luxury cars, we do repairs on domestic vehicles and Asian imports as well. If you are a car collector, you don’t have to run all around town looking for places to patch up issues with your many brands. We can be your one stop shop. We have multiple locations in the Louisville, KY area. Stop by the Hubbards Lane location for automotive service and repair or the Westport Road location for any of your boating needs.
If you would like to contact us for any questions or to make an appointment, call us at (502) 203-0684 for Hubbards Lane or (502) 435-8113 for the Westport Road location.

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