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VVT Issues in Your Louisville Volkswagen

Posted on June 4, 2019 by smikyautomowp

One of the biggest improvements in vehicle engineering is the variable valve timing system, or the VVT. This system uses advanced electronic technology in order to send signals from your ignition to the engine that indicates what kind of load the engine is likely to be under. Today, these systems are found in almost all vehicles.
Each manufacturer has designed their own VVT system, but almost all of them use a functional variable valve timing solenoid. It is the job of this solenoid to control how much oil is currently in use. This system will activate if you are putting your vehicle engine under a heavy workload, as this generally means the engine is going to require more oil.
It can happen if you are carrying a lot of additional weight, if you are driving uphill frequently, or if you are accelerating heavily. Once this is activated, oil gets sent to your variable valve timing chain, as well as the associated gear assembly. This is important because if this system stops working or it gets blocked, it won’t have the proper amount of lubrication which can cause it to wear out or break down before its time.
There are quite a few problems that can take place when the VVT starts to wear down. In order to catch the problem early, it’s important to know what the warning signs are in your Volkswagen in Louisville.

Check Engine Light

System of Internal combustion engine isolated on white background. 3d render
Modern vehicles are all controlled by your engine control unit, which means if something goes wrong inside of your VVT solenoid, it will likely be monitored by your engine control unit and the associated trouble code will pop up when a mechanic scans your vehicle because of the check engine light.
The check engine light is indicative of dozens of potential problems, which is why it is important to bring your vehicle into a certified mechanic who can run a code check.

Dirty Engine Oil

Having dirty engine oil is usually a cause, not a symptom. Your VVT solenoid works to its best capacity if your engine oil is changed regularly and has no debris in it. However, after your engine oil becomes clogged and full of foreign particles, it will clog up that passageway and impact the chain and gear system negatively.
If you haven’t changed out your engine oil in a while, it could cause subsequent damage to your VVT solenoid. To that end, it is imperative that you utilize preventative measures by changing your engine oil on the schedule recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

Rough Engine Idle

Your VVT system will typically not initiate until your engine reaches a very high RPM. However, if it is not working properly, it could introduce engine oil to the sensitive VVT gears, causing your engine to idle a bit rough. If you notice the RPM fluctuating as well and you leave this unchecked, it can cause your engine components to wear out far sooner than they should.

Decreased Fuel Economy

As with most car issues, another potential problem indicative of a failing VVT is a decrease in fuel economy. If your VVT solenoid is starting to malfunction, it can compromise your system and eventually drastically reduce your fuel economy.

Contact a Professional

If you live in or near Louisville, KY, visit us at St. Matthews Import for automotive service and repair. While it is tempting to try and fix the issue on your own, the risk of not addressing any of the issues properly could leave you and any passengers in danger while you are on the road. In some situations, the sensors or warning lights associated with the problem might not be properly understood, in which case, an experienced technician will be able to figure out why the lights are coming on and what to do in order to prevent problems.
Our team has the expertise necessary to help you decide how to best maintain your vehicle and how to make repairs as necessary to avoid any further issues like these. We only hire experienced repair technicians who can fix these issues and get you back on the road as soon as possible with safety as our number one concern. St. Matthews Import has the knowledge, the experience, and the necessary equipment to help you make the most informed decision about your car repairs. Contact us today for an appointment or come by any of our locations to have your vehicle checked out.

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Variable valve timing solenoid is a very important component in your Volkswagen & needs to be maintained. Here are the issues that affect the VVT in your VW.

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