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Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

Role of the Plastic Guide Rail in Your Mercedes-Benz

Posted on November 29, 2018 by smikyautomowp

The Mercedes-Benz is known for its class, luxurious appeal and smooth drive. This beautiful vehicle is the poster child for ultimate success. People love investing in a Mercedes because they know they can rely on its performance and receive a great return on investment should they decide to upgrade. Annually, the Mercedes brand is releasing new models with improved features. Although many of these vehicles appear physically different, Mercedes as a company tries to keep the mechanics of each Benz relatively similar. Whether it’s the engine, transmission or braking system, most models have the same interior.

However, Mercedes introduced a recent piece that has taken the car world by storm. It’s the implementation of the guide rail. No, this isn’t a rail to help you walk. Nor does it keep intruders away. Rather, this plastic piece plays an important role in how your car operates. Do you own a Mercedes-Benz and what to know more about this unique piece? Keep reading and we’ll explain the rest!

What is the Mercedes Guide Rail?

Unlike other vehicles who have this piece, the material of the guide rail is plastic in Mercedes vehicles. It works closely with the engines timing chain; making sure it circulates properly. In order for the chain to operate effectively, it has to keep its motion and remain in line. The guide rail makes sure this chain stays on the line so as to maintain motion.

Since this piece is so vital in keeping your engine on the track, companies have decided to invest in placing this in multiple vehicles. However, since the demand for the piece is so high, companies went from steel material to plastic. This is a bittersweet decision on the part of manufacturers. Sure, they are able to produce more parts. However, because it’s plastic, it is susceptible to a lot of damage. Just like a plastic container, this piece can’t handle extreme amounts of heat. Cars, as we all know, accumulate heat easily. Therefore, this piece sometimes needs to be replaced.

What Makes This Piece Break?

When the temperatures in your vehicle get extremely hot, this piece will eventually wear out. Unfortunately, it can cause a lot of damage to your engine, especially if you like the drive fast. This can result in your plastic guide rail cracking, breaking and perhaps melting due to these advanced levels of heat. Under extreme cases, this timing chain can even come all the way off. When this occurs, it can do significant damage to the mechanics of your Mercedes.

How Do I Know it’s Broken?

When this piece is malfunctioning, the first indication would be shaking noises coming from your car. These sounds can almost resemble quick vibrations or even a rattle. This is will usually occur once you try to start your car. Next, you may notice pieces of the guide rail coming off and leaking into the oil pan. This can block the oil in your car and create a lot of damage to your engine. Accumulated debris can taint the premium oil your car needs to function properly. When this occurs, it’s imperative that you get this piece immediately replaced. Tainted oil can cause a host of issues.

Why Can’t I Replace This Myself?

While you may be skilled with changing tires or replacing your oil, there are certain fixes that should just be left to the professionals. Since the Mercedes-Benz is a luxury car, it is wise to provide it with the best service possible. When replacing a piece, especially one that is as relatively new as the plastic guard rail, you may need specific tools for the repair. While traditional ones may work, it is always safe to let the Mercedes specialists use their tools and specific know-how for any new repairs.

How We Can Help

If you have a Mercedes-Benz, you likely want to keep Mercedes Logo it well maintained so as to get the best performance. Since the plastic guide rail works directly with your engine, it is wise to get this issues taken care of immediately so as to avoid possible engine failure. That could result in hefty service costs. St. Matthew’s Import of Louisville, KY has multiple locations in the area that are willing to assist, with skilled service technicians who are up to date on the latest in the Mercedes-Benz world, meaning your car will get the care it deserves.

* Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG image credit goes to: kurmyshov.

* Mercedes Logo image credit goes to: franz12.

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