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Audi Engine Stalling

Why do Audis Suffer From Stalled Engines?

Posted on November 12, 2018 by smikyautomowp

The Audi brand is 86 years old, but even with the benefits of age and experience the brand is not left without its problems. Just as with any auto manufacturer, Audi does have some issues from time to time. One of the problems you might encounter in your Audi is a stalling engine. Below are some things to watch out for and how to handle it if your Audi starts stalling.

Beginning of an Issue

All vehicles can heir weaknesses, so Audi is hardly alone in that. One issue that Audi owners seem to experience more often than the norm is a stalling issue. This issue can be problematic and frustrating. However, it is generally just a symptom of something else. That something else could be a small and easy to fix problem or something larger and more complex.


Stalling is when your engine shuts off suddenly. It can either restart and replicate the problem, restart and run normally, or not restart at all. The cause of the stalling will dictate how your Audi will react when it is restarted. This can happen while driving or when you are sitting still at an idle. There is a multitude of reasons that this can happen to your Audi. An engine needs 3 main things to run smoothly: a good air to fuel ratio mix, sufficient idle speed, and a good spark. Without them your engine will stall, but how can you figure out what the problem is?

Why is My Audi Stalling?

We have mentioned that your engine needs 3 main things to run smoothly. Without those 3 things your engine will stall. What can cause the loss of one or more of the main components needed to keep your engine from stalling?

Carburetor Issues

  • A sticking, misadjusted, or broken choke. Other possibilities include vacuum leaks around the carburetor, or even a leaking EGR valve.

Fuel Injection Issues

  • If your engine doesn’t have a carburetor, then it is fuel injected. You may have injection problems causing the stalling issue, such as vacuum leaks or faulty air flow, throttle position, MAP, or oxygen sensors. Dirty or faulty injectors or low fuel pressure may also cause stalling issues.

Ignition Related Issues

  • A bad ignition switch, faulty ignition coils, faulty ignition modules, or crank position sensor issues could potentially be the cause of stalling issues in your Audi.

Uncommon Causes

  • Some of the more uncommon problems that can cause stalling could be a faulty vehicle speed sensor, faulty automatic shutdown sensor, or even bad fuel. A faulty fuel pump can also be an issue with stalling, as it will not be pumping sufficient fuel to the engine. While these problems are not experienced often, they do happen.

These are just a few of the possible issues that could cause stalling issues in your Audi. You may notice that you have a check or service engine light that comes on on your dash when you car begins to stall. This light will make diagnosis easier for a trained technician. It is recommended that if you experience consistent or even intermittent stalling issues with your Audi that you have it properly diagnosed by a technician.

Diagnosing the Problem

It is always recommended to have your stalling issues diagnosed by a trained and experienced Audi technician. A scan tool is going to be the quickest and most accurate way to have your problem diagnosed, or at least narrowed down. The scan tool will plug into the Onboard Diagnostic port on your vehicle. This port is on all vehicles manufactured from 1996 to present. A technician will have a scan tool available to them, and they will be knowledgeable on how to go about scanning the PCM for any and all problems. This method of diagnostics can make finding and pinpointing a problem quicker and easier.

Come See the Pros at St. Matthews Imports

Audi A1 Sportback Stalling issues are troublesome and can even be dangerous, making them frustrating to everyone who experiences them. However, they are generally just a symptom of a deeper problem.

If your Audi is experiencing stalling issues, our specialists at St. Matthews Imports in Louisville, KY on Hubbard Lane are here to help. We will be happy to help you with all your Audi service and repair needs, with the tools and expertise necessary to get you and your Audi back on the road quickly.

* Audi A1 Sportback image credit goes to: supergenijalac.

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