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Symptoms of Broken Rear Springs in Volkswagens

Posted on October 10, 2018 by smikyautomowp

Rear springs are an essential part of the suspension system of your Volkswagen, as they hold the weight of your car. However, the more you drive, the more pressure is placed on your rear springs and soon enough they become so worn out that they sag or break.

When this occurs, it not only affects your driving, but it also affects the drivers you are sharing the road with, so it’s best to fix the rear springs as soon as you suspect them of being broken or damaged. Unfortunately, knowing whether or not your rear springs have broken is not as easy as it may seem, so here are some symptoms to look out for in your Volkswagen.

One Corner of the Car is Lower Than the Others Despite Being on Level Ground

Because springs are responsible for supporting the weight of your car, one good way to check if they are broken is to see if one corner of the car is lower than the others when your car is parked on level ground. If it is, your spring might be broken, or at least damaged.

To more accurately confirm, you can also measure the height of each corner to determine whether or not they are all equal to each other. Once it is clear that they are not of equal heights and one (or possibly more) corner is lower than the others, you should take your car into a professional repair shop immediately. Driving with a broken rear spring is dangerous, as it affects the entire suspension system, and therefore has the potential to compromise the effectiveness of your steering and braking mechanisms, which brings us to our next symptom.

Your Car Can’t Smoothly Go Around a Corner

This is a very important sign of a broken rear spring that you cannot ignore, as the ability to steer smoothly is important to driving safely. When a spring is broken or damaged, it cannot control the weight it’s supporting, and therefore steering becomes much harder to do than before. For obvious reasons, this has the potential to be life-threatening, so you need to fix your springs as soon as possible.

Hear Clunking Noises

If you are hearing clunking noises when you drive over bumps, you most likely have a problem with your suspension system, and the main culprit is more often than not your rear springs. When rear springs break and negatively affect your steering system, they can not adequately support the weight of your vehicle, meaning that when you go over bumps and rocky roads, they allow a noticeable excess of rocking and bouncing motions, in addition to the clunking.

These noises can be evidence of other problems as well, including broken engine mounts, so it is important to get your Volkswagen to a skilled mechanic as soon as possible to help diagnose the problem properly.

How St. Matthews Import Can Help

Volkswagen Touareg ІІ Based in Louisville, Kentucky, St. Matthews Import offers multiple locations throughout the city, with each store specializing in certain services. That means that you do not have to go very far for any of your mechanic needs. Two of the Westport Road locations specialize in repairs caused by collision accidents, while the third, SMI Marine, specializes in aquatic repairs, ready to be of assistance if you have a boat or jet ski.

For help fixing the rear springs in your Volkswagen, you should immediately head over to the Hubbards Lane location, where we specialize specifically in Automotive Service and Repair. Our ASE certified mechanics at St. Matthews Import understand the popularity of Volkswagen models and, as such, we are ready to handle the responsibility of repairing your car.

When you bring your car in for any issue, including that of broken rear springs or a damaged suspension system, we can complete a thorough diagnostic and will give you a price that only a family owned business, and not a corporate dealership, could give. We are conveniently located, easily accessible from cities near Louisville, including Highlands and Lyndon.

The next time you have any issues with your rear springs or any other part of your Volkswagen, bring your vehicle to St. Matthews Import, and our qualified mechanics will fix the problem for you, without -creating problems for your wallet.

* Volkswagen Touareg ІІ image credit goes to: PavloBaliukh.

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