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Importance of Supercharger Oil for a MINI

Posted on August 6, 2018 by smikyautomowp

The MINI brand is a special one, as they give drivers the experience of a high-quality racecar in a compact, efficient, user- and street-friendly version. In most recent decades, the MINI brand has skyrocketed in popularity, paying tribute to the excellence the brand has always embodied. One of the main benefits of many MINI models is their supercharged, turbocharged engines, making them like the most powerful go-kart you’ve ever driven.

Superchargers require special maintenance and ongoing attention that drivers tend to overlook. However, keeping the supercharger intact and in exceptional condition is integral to the quality of your driving experience and allows you to receive the most benefits out of your MINI. Providing your supercharger with supercharger oil is one of the aspects of ongoing care that must not go overlooked. In this article we’ll go over why supercharger oil is so important and what it can do for your MINI.

How does your MINI’s supercharger affect your car’s performance?

Many MINI cars come standard with a supercharger kit, which drivers greatly appreciate and is one of the aspects of their design that is most-loved by enthusiasts. Superchargers significantly impact the power your car produces; it does so by maximizing the horsepower through a series of functions. Ultimately, however, the supercharger increases the amount of air the engine receives, therefore increasing the air pressure which generates far more power. Usually supercharger kits aren’t installed without matching exhaust components that enhance the air coming in and flowing out. This is one of the reasons why car enthusiasts gravitate toward the MINI brand – they’re highly customizable!

Why does the supercharger need special oil?

MINI cars with supercharger kits require special attention and care, which includes utilizing high-quality supercharger oil in routine maintenance. As long as you provide the supercharger with the proper care, including the right kind of oil and lubrication, it can keep everything running smoothly and even more efficiently maximize horsepower. There are a few great benefits to keeping your supercharger well-oiled, and you’ll be glad you gave your supercharger the attention it needs. Here’s what you can expect from a well-kept supercharger:

Keeps engine functioning well

Normal wear of engine components, including supercharger components is an expected feature of any aging car. Using supercharger oil to keep your supercharger kit working optimally can help diminish the effects of parts aging and make your car far more reliable and consistent performance-wise. Without the proper oiling, the supercharger components can dry out, increase friction and therefore heat, which does your engine no favors.

Enhances your supercharger’s performance

As we’ve mentioned several times, the greatest advantage of having a supercharger kit is that it greatly enhances your MINI’s overall performance. Besides supercharger function alone, a well-kept supercharger (which includes proper oiling) optimizes your engine’s functioning on a daily basis by increasing the efficiency of fuel use. This makes MINIs even more fantastic.

What you can do to keep your supercharger working well

Preventive care is important for any engine component or car part, as the longer parts go without servicing, the more susceptible they are to damage and eventual failure. You don’t want this to happen with your MINI’s supercharger, as it can take a serious toll on your engine. Here are a few suggestions of what you can do to keep it working well:

  • Use the right kind of supercharger oil for maintenance – you can refer to owner’s manual for the specific type of supercharger oil your MINI requires
  • Adjust driving habits to optimize supercharger performance
  • Ensure that your MINI has the proper exhaust components to compliment the supercharger
  • Have routine inspections performed to remain aware of any potential problems
  • Hire a MINI specialist to handle all your supercharger maintenance and repair needs

What we can do to help

At St. Matthews Imports, MINI cars Super Charger on Racing Engine are some of our favorites. Specializing in European imports such as MINI, we have a passion for German engineering found in MINI cars especially. The residents of Louisville, KY have been bringing their MINI vehicles to our Hubbards Lane location for years because we offer MINI expertise, high level of automotive skill, and affordable pricing. Having a supercharger is a privilege, and we will do everything in our power to ensure yours performs well as the years go on.

* Mini Cooper S image credit goes to: CasPhotography.

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