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What’s Included in Auto Tune Ups in Louisville, KY?

Posted on January 15, 2016 by Douglas Addington

For most people, purchasing a car means making a major investment that you’ll want to protect. Through proper care and maintenance, your car can successfully support you through thousands of miles on the road and many years of use. The easiest way to ensure your vehicle is functioning at its top performance levels is to schedule regular auto tune ups in Louisville, KY. During most tune up appointments, mechanics take the following steps:

  • Computer scan: Modern-day cars are guided by computers that control the most important parts of the vehicle, including its engine, fuel, ignition and more. When you take your car to a tune up appointment, the mechanic will check its computer to make sure all systems are operating correctly. The mechanic does this so that any glitches can be spotted early on and be handled proactively.
  • Filter changes: Though some filters may need to be changed more frequently, tune ups include the changing of your car’s oil, air and fuel filters. Changing each of these filters is essential to keeping your car functioning properly, as they keep pollutants out of its engine and other systems. Cabin air filters can also be changed to ensure you and your passengers are breathing clean air while you drive.
  • Spark plug tests: During a tune up, all parts of your vehicle’s ignition will be checked by a mechanic. Most importantly, the technician will check your car’s spark plug, which is what starts the vehicle. Your car’s plugs and coils will also be tested to ensure your system is receiving a safe balance of air and fuel. Each of these pieces plays an important role in allowing you to start your vehicle’s engine.
  • Fluid changes: It takes a series of different fluids and hoses to keep your car in top shape. During the tune up, your mechanic will check to make sure your car has power steering fluid, brake fluid and coolant for the vehicle’s air conditioning. At the same time, the technician will check that your car has proper levels of motor oil and transmission fluid, so that it can run and change gears smoothly. Keep in mind that some of your car’s fluids will need to be replaced more frequently than others. For example, your car’s motor oil should be changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.
  • Belt checks: Many of the main systems in your vehicle rely on belts to keep your car running, and will need to be checked during a routine tune up. Belts are responsible for the proper functioning of your alternator, water pump, air conditioning compressor and power steering pump. Mechanics will make sure the belts aren’t breaking, and will install a replacement if the belt becomes weak.

Most mechanics recommend that cars start receiving auto tune ups in Louisville, KY when they reach 60,000 miles, and then every 20,000 miles after that marker is met. If you think you may be in need of a tune up for your vehicle, speak with a skilled mechanic at St. Matthews Imports – Auto Repair & Service for more information today.

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