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Prepping Your Vehicle for Winter Road Conditions

Posted on December 15, 2015 by Douglas Addington

Winter is perhaps the busiest season for auto repair in Louisville, KY and for good reason—between the last minute tune-ups, repairs required as the result of poor road conditions and the failure of vehicle components during the cold weather season, it’s hard to make it through winter unscathed as a vehicle owner!

And while wintertime vehicle repairs might seem inescapable, the odds of you finding yourself with auto issues can be significantly decreased if you take the time to prep your vehicle for all that winter is bound to bring with it.

Tune-ups and routine maintenance

First and foremost, before the winds start to blow and the snow starts to fall, make sure you’re getting all of your regular maintenance items out of the way. Not only are these things vital to the health of a vehicle all year round, they give you a fresh start before winter starts to take its toll.

Oil changes, fluid flushes, engine tune-ups, electrical inspections and more should all be on this list and when you visit your mechanic, mention that you want to get your vehicle ready for winter—this can prompt them to recommend services that might be unique to your vehicle.

Battling the elements

Winter weather conditions are one of the leading causes of auto repair in Louisville, KY because all it takes is one icy patch of road or one snow-covered pothole to leave you stranded on the side of the road, waiting for a tow. The best way to combat these road hazards is to make sure your vehicle has a fighting chance by way of all-season tires, fresh wiper blades, topped-off antifreeze and all-working lights.

Another good idea is to have your alignment checked and your tires rotated. Because so much will be riding on your tires this winter season and their ability to keep you safely on the road, it’s a good idea to make sure they’re in the best functioning capacity. Topping off the PSI in each tire is also essential, since air condenses in cold weather, which could leave you riding low on PSI.

Preparing for the worst

Prepping your vehicle for winter also means prepping for the worst: you, stranded on the side of the road in a snowstorm, waiting for a tow truck. No one wants to be in this situation and during winter, it could actually be life threatening! Make sure you’re safe even if the worst occurs by packing an emergency kit into your vehicle.

Your emergency kit should contain all of the essentials: road flares, jumper cables, a spare tire and jack, blanket(s), nonperishable food, heat packs and anything else that you might need if you have to sit in your vehicle for any more than an hour in the freezing cold.

Final preparations

Finally—and this should go without saying—it’s important to seek auto repair in Louisville, KY for any lingering issues you already know about in your vehicle. Funny noises, odd smells, lost functionality, etc.—all of these things should be addressed and resolved before winter rolls around because they’re only going to get worse in the colder weather.

To give yourself the best shot at avoiding auto repair in Louisville, KY this winter, make sure you’re doing everything you can now to mitigate the chances of a breakdown! Start by following the steps listed above and talk to the experts at St. Matthews Imports today about how you can protect you and your vehicle this winter.

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