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Signs You Need a Transmission Repair in Louisville, KY

Posted on August 1, 2015 by Douglas Addington

Transmission problems can sneak up on you and are frequently quite expensive. If your car has an automatic transmission, detecting issues early can mean saving money later. This is especially important if you consider that replacing your transmission can cost around $2,500 for many vehicles. Keep an eye and ear out for these six signs to know if you are due for a transmission repair or service in Louisville, KY.

Rough shifting

One of the early signs is your car not changing gears, or changes happening in a rough manner, often with a loud clunk. Delayed shifting is also part of this as it may seem to take a while before your movement into drive actually leads to going forward. Likewise, if your car wants to move forward while you are in park, get a technician to look at your transmission immediately.

Trouble accelerating

If your once perky vehicle is now struggling up hills, that can indicate a transmission problem. This sign arises from the inability to downshift in order to get the needed speed to climb a hill. Gear slippage also frequently accompanies this symptom and with the decreased acceleration, some report gear changes for no reason, or even suddenly losing a gear altogether. You will know when this happens as there will be a whining noise as it loses acceleration.

Burning smells

A struggling transmission that requires service will burn through its fluid. If you find a burning smell or similarly foul odor coming from under your vehicle or at the hood, it can be a warning that your transmission is compromised. This is also a sign that you need a flush or fluid replacement, which is a maintenance task that can help your car run better longer.

Noisy neutral gear

When in neutral, your car should be fairly quiet. But if it becomes louder than normal, that often indicates something is wrong. Even if the problem ends up not being transmission-related, it still means that your vehicle requires expert attention.

Fluid leaks

Leaks are also an early symptom of transmission issues. If you continue to let it leak, your problems will become more serious. The fluid lubricates, cleans, conditions and seals so your transmission will function.

If the fluid leaked is bright red and has a sweet smell, everything is working well. It is just a hole in the fluid tank that requires attention. Dark fluid that smells burnt, however, shows it is time to change or flush the system. Some cars have a dip stick to check transmission fluid levels and that can confirm any suspected leaks.

Rough ride

Grinding, shaking and jerking are signs of gear problems. Manual transmission will make crunching noises and be difficult to operate, while an automatic transmission will make every shift a jarring experience. If you find you are holding your breath and hoping your vehicle won’t die on the road while merely shifting gears, it is time to talk to a mechanic.

St. Matthews Imports – Auto Repair & Service offers reliable transmission repair in Louisville, KY. Give us a call and we can answer your questions about your transmission concerns and keep your vehicle running well.


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