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Auto Electrical Repair

What Are the Elements of Auto Electrical Repair in Louisville, KY?

Posted on June 15, 2015 by Douglas Addington

Modern cars rely more than ever on electrical components. If you have trouble with anything from the battery system or starter to the full on-board computer system, electrical problems will ensure that your car won’t make it out of your driveway.

Even for do-it-yourself types that enjoy working on cars, relying on professional mechanics for auto electrical repair in Louisville, KY is often necessary. Whether you need something as simple as a speaker replaced or a more intricate repair, you can trust experienced ASE certified technicians to handle any electrical repairs in a timely and efficient manner. Are you a little curious about some of the different elements of auto electrical repair? Read ahead to learn more.

Auto electrical systems 101

Simply inspecting your fuse box or looking at the mass of wiring throughout your engine will demonstrate for you just how many electrical components there are in your vehicle. Having all these electrical components means your car will last longer and be more comfortable to drive, but also that there are more opportunities for things to go wrong. For example, a sensor that lowers emissions or increases fuel mileage adds thousands of miles of life to your vehicle’s engine but eventually may need replacement. When encountering electrical problems, rely on a professional mechanic for diagnosis and repair. Here are just a few things your mechanic might need to look at during auto electrical repair in Louisville, KY:

  • Complete electrical diagnostics using state-of-the-art equipment
  • Running check engine codes using your vehicle’s computer
  • Performance testing
  • Ignition system checking and routine service
  • Fuel injection cleaning and diagnostics
  • Testing and replacement of the starter or alternator
  • Battery testing and possible replacement
  • Lights, fuses and wiring inspection
  • Power accessories
  • Heating and air conditioning controls

As you can tell, there are many elements to an automotive electrical system. Professional mechanics have years of experience working on electrical systems, and some are even specially certified in the electrical systems of particular makes and models of vehicles. For the home mechanic, trying to diagnose and repair electrical problems often is just a guessing game. Most professional mechanics, meanwhile, have a variety of special tools and equipment that make diagnosis easy, especially when aided by years of experience.

Relatively simple and inexpensive

The good news is that most auto electrical problems are affordable and easy to repair—the battery, alternator or starter is typically the source of electrical problems. In even easier cases, a simple blown fuse may be causing an electrical problem. If your radio or windshield wipers suddenly stop functioning, do not jump to conclusions and start replacing expensive parts. Fixing most problems nowadays should begin with an electrical system inspection.

Before making assumptions about your particular car problem—such as having trouble starting the engine, a battery that will not retain a charge or an interior accessory that has suddenly stopped working—stop over to your local mechanic for a full vehicle inspection. In many cases, you may need auto electrical repair in Louisville, KY, something best left to a trusted mechanic.

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