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Making Sense of Transmission Repair in Louisville, KY

Posted on May 1, 2015 by Douglas Addington

Like any type of automotive repair, how you react to hearing your vehicle needs transmission repair in Louisville, KY depends a lot on how much you know and understand about what your transmission is and what it does. As a potentially costly and time-consuming process, transmission repair is definitely something that it helps to be at least a little familiar with ahead of time. For those whose knowledge of transmissions is very limited, here are some key concepts and parts it may pay to be acquainted with, just so you have a better sense of what your mechanic is talking about.

The parts of your transmission

A vehicle’s transmission is made up of many very small parts, which is part of the reason why it can take your mechanic a while to determine the precise source of a problem. While you’ll definitely want to make sure your mechanic knows all the ins and outs of your transmission, there are only a few parts that you need to be too concerned with if you want to have a basic understanding of your transmission: the gears, the transmission fluid, the filter and the bell housing.

The key component of your transmission is its gears, toothed discs that interact with each other to put your vehicle in motion. But the transmission fluid is what allows the gears to interact smoothly, while the filter keeps the transmission fluid clean. A problem with either the fluid or the filter can result in major damage to the gears. Finally, the bell housing is the case that surrounds and protects the transmission.

How to know you need transmission repair

Especially if you aren’t particularly car-savvy, you probably won’t automatically know when there’s a problem with your transmission. However, many of the symptoms of transmission trouble are easy to spot, and even if you don’t know what they mean, at least they’re likely to communicate that something is wrong.

A couple of the most common symptoms relate to problems with the transmission fluid. A burning smell, for example, may indicate that you’re low on fluid or that there’s a leak. Another sign of a leak is the presence of fluid underneath your vehicle. Depending on whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, the fluid may be different colors. A third common sign that there’s likely a problem with your transmission is that your car may start shaking or making a grinding sound during the process of shifting gears. This could be indicative of any number of problems with your transmission, and it should be checked out by a reputable mechanic right away.

Transmission repair in Louisville, KY doesn’t have to be a scary process. If your mechanic diagnoses a problem with your transmission, don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek clarification to help you better understand the situation. If you suspect you might have a problem with your transmission but don’t have a trusted mechanic, consider bringing your vehicle to St. Matthews Imports – Auto Repair & Service. We’ve been in business for more than 45 years and have the experience to guarantee quality workmanship and competitive prices. Call us today to learn more about how we can repair your transmission.

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