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Find an Auto Body Shop that can do it all

Posted on March 15, 2015 by Douglas Addington

You wouldn’t shop at a shoe store that only offers boots, would you? How about a bakery that only makes one kind of pastry? We visit these establishments because we’re looking for a group of things, not just a single offering—and wouldn’t you know it, you can walk into virtually any shoe store and find all types of shoes or any bakery and find all types of pastries.

The same holds true for an auto body shop in Louisville, KY: you’re not going to visit a shop that only offers one type of automotive service. In fact, it’s in your best interest to look for a shop that offers a full gamut of services, from collision repairs to routine maintenance, mechanical fixes to electrical repairs. Why? Take a look at a few of the biggest reasons to find a single auto body shop in Louisville, KY and stick with that shop for everything you need, as opposed to running around town for this service and that repair:

  • Bringing your vehicle back to the same shop, regardless of what the work is for, means having the same eyes working on it at all times. The more an auto shop gets to work on your vehicle in all of its various facets, the better they’ll get to know that vehicle, leading to a better quality of service in the long run.
  • If you find a shop that offers quality work, you can put your trust in that shop for any and all services that they perform on your vehicle. When you have to cart your car all around town to different auto shops, there’s no telling what kind of work you’re going to get and what the price is going to be for that work.
  • Not every shop is equipped to handle every service—finding a shop that’s equipped to handle most services and automotive needs means quicker, better and more encompassing service for both you and your vehicle. If you have to wait around for a shop to bring in a specialist or worse, to send your vehicle elsewhere for service out of shop, it’s not going to be worth the hassle and you’re going to want to stick to a garage that has everything you need in-house.
  • An auto body shop in Louisville, KY that offers the full gamut of automotive repairs is going to be staffed by knowledgeable professionals that are better equipped with the knowledge to undertake those tricky fixes that come with some vehicles. If a shop just focuses on one aspect of auto repair or service, they might not have the eyes to see the true problem that’s plaguing you, which makes it important to look for the whole package of services from your auto body shop.

Anyone who has ever had to cart their vehicle around from shop to shop every time there’s a new problem can attest: it’s much easier to just find a single shop that can handle it all. That’s why—whether it’s an unforeseen repair or a routine procedure—St. Matthews Imports is here to assist you!

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