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Ask Your Mechanic: What’s Wrong With My Car?

Posted on January 25, 2015 by Douglas Addington

It’s a simple enough question that every single automotive professional has been asked more times than they care to count: “what’s wrong with my car?” The question is often coming from a sullen-faced customer who is worried that the answer they’re about to receive is going to cost them thousands upon thousands of dollars and leave them without a vehicle for days. And, the answer is usually different for each person—sometimes it confirms these terrible feelings of woe; other times it’s completely the opposite!

Regardless of the car, the customer or the problem, however, a mechanic in Louisville, KY is going to approach every vehicle in the same way. First, they’ll ask you what the symptoms are, then, they’ll inspect it for themselves. Depending on the nature of the problem, the inspection may be more in depth. And, after they’re done rooting around your vehicle, testing its internal computer for error codes and visually pinpointing areas of malfunction, they’re going to come back to you with an answer to your question.

The amount of work that goes into diagnosing an automotive problem cannot be understated or summed up in a few sentences, however. Few drivers realize that when their vehicle exhibits signs of trouble, automotive professionals are tasked with a mountainous burden: the job of making sure the right thing gets fixed. After all, your money, their reputation and your vehicle are all staked on an auto mechanic’s ability to deliver the correct answer and solution to your question!

Sometimes the symptoms of an issue you’re seeing with your vehicle lead directly to the problem—other times, they don’t. In fact, sometimes symptoms are symptoms of other symptoms and the real problem lies buried far down a chain of minor troubles! Perhaps the noise you’re hearing when you turn the wheel has nothing to do with your steering column and it has everything to do with your suspension? Your mechanic in Louisville, KY is as much a detective as they are an automotive professional.

Thankfully, nowadays we have all sorts of diagnostic technologies to help auto professionals make accurate assessments of your vehicle’s issues and rarely do mechanics miss the mark when it comes to figuring out the real problem—but this is only half the battle! The other half of the battle is to make sure that you’re provided with a lasting solution that’s going to alleviate any issues you’ve been dealing with.

When it comes right down to it, a mechanic in Louisville, KY is the judge, jury and executioner for your automotive problems. They determine what happened, what’s wrong and what needs to be done and when you think about it in this way, heavy is the head that’s filled with automotive expertise.

So, the next time you’re frantically pacing back and forth in an auto body shop, waiting to hear back about your vehicle, remember the monumental task that your auto mechanic is faced with. It’s easy to be concerned with the question—what’s wrong with my car—but it’s not as easy to find someone who can give you a correct answer and a reliable solution!

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