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Five Essential Auto Tune Ups that Should Never be Overlooked

Posted on January 15, 2015 by Douglas Addington

Routine maintenance and tune ups are essential to keep a vehicle running in top condition, yet some people forgo these critical services for one reason or another, not realizing that their nonchalance could end up costing them big in the long run. Every single tune up you miss puts your vehicle one step closer to a major auto malfunction and without the foresight to go in for your regularly scheduled maintenance, you might not be able to see the real cost of skipping it.

Take a look at the five most essential auto tune ups in Louisville, KY that you should never be overlooking and what having these services done to your vehicle means, both now and in the long term:

  1. Oil changes: The crème de la crème of auto tune ups in Louisville, KY, oil changes cannot be skipped out on for a myriad of reasons. For one, oil is the lifeblood of your engine and without it, you’re going to have cataclysmic engine wear that will literally shave years off of your vehicle’s life. Oil changes also ensure seamless engine function: something that affects each of the moving parts of your vehicle in turn. What you pay for an oil change is always going to be lower than what you’ll pay to fix unnecessary engine wear caused by skipping your oil change.
  2. Wheel alignment: Wheel alignments can contribute numerous positive elements to the function of your vehicle, including increased gas mileage and extended life of your tires and tire-related components. You’ll also enjoy a smoother ride and have to worry less about the strain that a misalignment could be adding to your suspension.
  3. Tire rotation: Generally, when you get a wheel alignment for your vehicle, your automotive service provider will also recommend a tire rotation. This will allow your tires to be swapped out accordingly around your vehicle to prevent excessive tread wear. The major upside to this procedure is the significantly reduced risk of a blowout and long life expectancy for your tires.
  4. Fluid flushes and filter changes: Much like changing the oil in your vehicle, having your fluids flushed and your filters changed is another one of those auto tune ups in Louisville, KY that’s going to have a significant impact on your engine. Fluids become more or less viscous over time and can lose quality of not tended to, creating major trouble for the systems that rely on them, while filters can become less effective at keeping debris out of your various components. Changing them out gives your engine a fresh outlook.
  5. Brake replacements: You’d be amazed at how many people ride their brakes until they actually break! Instead of setting yourself up for a costly auto repair procedure, why not instead have your brakes inspected and outfitted with new pads and shoes before you grind them all the way down to the calipers?
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